Nightlife - Matthew Quinn Martin (Review & e-book Giveaway!)

4.5 Stars!

For centuries an ancient evil has slept beneath the streets of New Harbor. This Halloween, it wakes up.

An action-packed debut horror novel from talented new writer Matthew Quinn Martin, NIGHTLIFE pits a feisty bartender and a mysterious loner against bloodthirsty terrors as alluring as they are deadly.

Nightclub bartender and serial heartbreaker Beth Becker might be a cynic. But when her best friend goes missing Halloween night, Beth knows it’s up to her to find out what happened.

Her quest will take her on an odyssey through the crumbling city of New Harbor, Connecticut. Along the way she meets a homeless prophet warning of something he calls the “Night Angel”…a bloodthirsty creature that has been feeding on the forgotten. And she will form an unlikely bond with a hunted stranger who knows all too well what is stalking the streets at night.

He reveals to her to the hideous truth about the nightmare creatures that have haunted mankind’s imagination for eons––creatures the world calls vampires. Together they are the only hope for New Harbor, but to defeat what lurks in the shadows they are going to have to conquer something far stronger than fear––their own desires.

Matthew Quinn Martin was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania and raised in New Haven, Connecticut. However, it wasn’t until he moved to Manhattan that he realized he was a writer. These days, he lives on a small island off the North Atlantic coast of the United States where it gets quiet in the winter…perhaps too quiet.

Whoa! This is like the ultimate Vampire book! No fluff here. This is not your modern, sexy, "I wanna get laid by a vampire" book - this was some scary stuff! I was sucked into this story so fast. This is like super hero and wonder woman meet sewer monsters. Good vs evil... will the good guys win and beat the scary bloodsucking creeps? It was hard to tell at first really, when your good guys are your average bar maid and reclusive homeless vigilante.

Loved, loved, loved the characters! I don't think the author could have done any better here. The character development was excellent. I absolutely loved Beth. What an unlikely hero she turned out to be - You go girl! Oh my gosh, I was cheering her on all the way. I think I was even yelling out loud in a few spots. 

Now, THIS would have made a great movie! Warning - there was quite a lot of swearing - it was a character thing so I get it. It was also very graphic (blood and guts stuff). Even though it was very unreal, ya know the whole "save the world from the baddies" thing and all, but it did really feel real to me! I could picture everything. My only complaint was that it got confusing at the end because so much was happening.

If you are looking for a good horror/thriller book to read for Halloween - this is it! As far as creepy Halloween books go, I give this one an "A".
Also, I am pretty sure that this is the first in a series! So I will definitely be reading more by this author!
"... he had lidless black eyes, and his mouth was a brace of needle-sharp teeth. His head was reared back and curved into an S as if he had no spine. His mouth opened wide. Impossibly wide. More teeth lined the inside of his throat. Row upon circular row or razors stretching down for what seemed like forever."
"He'd seen them drain a hapless victim of blood in seconds. He''d seen them leap distances of ten yards or more, slither through openings barely larger than his fist. He'd been held in thrall by their illusions and witnessed, with his own eyes, their true form.
None of it could have prepared him for what he saw writhing before him, slithering across the sloping far side of that mound."
Thank you "Partners in Crime Virtual book Tours" for sending me this e-book to read and review!

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  1. It's always interesting to find a book so visual that you can imagine it being adapted for film. Thanks for your review!

  2. Wow, this sounds really intriguing. It's nice to see a slightly less romantic take on vampires. When did they get to be so handsome? Can't wait to read about the scary monsters. Great review.

  3. You had me at " It was also very graphic (blood and guts stuff)", lol! I'll be adding this one to my tbr :)

    Oh snap, the author is from Allentown! Nice!

  4. I love the storyline of this book and would love to read it.


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