Wilder Family Halloween - Christina Dodd

3 Stars

Several years ago, when I wrote the short epilogue to the paranormal Darkness Chosen series, WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN, I loved revisiting the Wilder family. For the month of October, the story is posted on my website (christinadodd.com.) I'm also posting it here, in October *only,* as a download for my readers who would like to keep the story as part of their Darkness Chosen collection. So...
-- WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN is a *short* Darkness Chosen epilogue (11 pages.)
-- This download of WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN contains excerpts and links to my other books and genres: paranormal, romantic suspense and historical romance.
I've posted WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN as my gift to you, to thank you for taking the Wilder family into your hearts and homes. I hope you enjoy WILDER FAMILY HALLOWEEN!
Warmly,  Christina Dodd

It took ten years, two children and three completed manuscripts before her first novel, CANDLE IN THE WINDOW, was published to great acclaim. In the years since, she has enjoyed writing witty, emotional novels for every reader: historical romances, paranormal romances, and romantic suspense. Her stories have been translated into 25 languages, won Romance Writers of America's prestigious Golden Heart and RITA Awards and been called the year's best by Library Journal. Christina Dodd herself has been a clue in the Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle (11/18/05, # 13 Down: Romance Novelist named Christina.) Publishers Weekly praises her style that 'showcases Dodd's easy, addictive charm and steamy storytelling.' With more than fifteen million of her books in print, her legions of fans always know that when they pick up a Christina Dodd book, they know they've found a story "For the wild at heart!"

I'm not really sure exactly what this was suppose to be except maybe just a taste to get you to want to read the series. I am not really sure if it was enough to make me want to read the series but it was a sweet short story. It was worth the few minutes it took me to read it. It is so short, its certainly not a waste of time. So why not?

It was very simple and short but oddly entertaining and good enough for a quick read.

Quick!, download it - HERE


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