Fun Friday! Thanksgiving edition -

Hahahahaha! That last one really got me!

As promised, we will talk about our favorite Thanksgiving foods!

My all time favorite Thanksgiving for is the stuffing!!!! And I have admit - I make really awesome stuffing! Yes, I do actually stuff it in the turkey, but I cook the turkey ALL day long and I use a thermometer to check the temp.

But I also like the mashed potatoes and gravy, and the turkey, and love squash, and sweet potatoes! Oh and of course the pies! I m making two pies this year, one being pumpkin pie that I make from an actual pumpkin (non canned). You do this just like you would a squash. And believe me the pie turns out so much better!

About the only thing I don't like is cranberry sauce (or relish) I never have! I love cranberry bread, cranberry muffins etc, just don't like the sauce or relish, yuck.

In the past I have always made the "sweet potato casserole", with the brown sugar and marshmallows on top. But the past couple years I have made a baked sweet potato cass. with brown sugar and roasted pecans on top - yum!
This is almost exactly how I make mine except instead of honey I use orange juice and more brown sugar. If anyone is interested I can look it up and post the recipe.

AAAAAND - remember I mentioned that I was going to make Espresso cheesecake bars? Here is the linnk to that recipe! -

So tell me what your favorite Thanksgiving foods are.


  1. Oooooooooooooo yum yum yum.
    Stuffing has always been a fav of mine too!

  2. Our Thanksgiving is a potluck. I'm making veggies this year. I'm so excited about this too.


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