Its a Non-Fiction Saturday twofer!

Meatless All Day
Recipes for Inspired Vegetarian Meals
By, Dina Cheney
4.5 Stars!

Meatless All Day is a cookbook for anyone who loves good food that’s good for them and wants to cook in accordance with vegetarian values. Vegetarians and carnivores alike will find new ways to prepare ingredients that they already know are necessary in a balanced diet. But more important, this cookbook will serve as inspiration for preparing different ingredients that approximate the savory, smoky, hearty qualities of meat and seafood. For vegetarians, vegans, and carnivores who are reducing their meat intake, the recipes in Meatless All Day will leave home cooks (and their family and friends) feeling satisfied.

The book opens with 45 “power ingredients” that make vegetarian food satisfying, delicious, and healthful. Following are 80 recipes with headnotes that explain how the “power ingredients” lend dishes a meaty or fishy flavor, demarcate vegan recipes, offer tips for making many of the nonvegan recipes vegan, or provide ideas for rounding out entrees with side dishes and desserts. 

I'm the author of Tasting Club (DK, 2006), Williams-Sonoma New Flavors for Salads (Oxmoor House, 2009), Year-Round Slow Cooker; 100 Favorite Recipes for Every Season (The Taunton Press, 2013), as well as the forthcoming Meatless All Day; Recipes for Inspired Vegetarian Meals (The Taunton Press, March 4, 2014). For over three years, I've also been the "Taste Test" columnist for Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine, and have written or developed recipes for several other publications, including Fine Cooking, Parents, Cooking Light, Specialty Food, Coastal Living, and Huffington Post.

Excellent! There is a lot of variety in this book. I think there is enough in here to keep you busy for a year.

For breakfast have Pancakes with blueberry sauce, or eggs poached in tomato sauce with garlicky grilled bread, or - this Broccoli, smoked mozzarella, and roasted pepper frittata (I love making frittatas!)

For lunch you could make Grilled cheese with apples, mustard, and cheddar (YUM!), or Roasted beet salad with toasted walnuts and chickpea avacado vinaigrette, or this - Zucchini fritters with fresh mint and pecorina -

And for dinner choose from Veggie chilli with butternut squash, or  Whole wheat linguini with oven-roasted tomatoes, broccoli, white beans, and pine nuts, or this - Mexican pinto burgers with fresh guacamole and corn pico de gallo (oh my gosh! double YUM!)
I love veggie burgers, and there are a few of them in here. 
I had to take .5 off because there are not enough pictures to suit me. You know me, I like a picture for every recipe! But I understand, there are sooo many recipes in this book, it would be hard to have a picture for each. And the pictures that are in there are gorgeous!

Thank you Netgalley and Taunton Press for sending me this E-book to read and review!

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Pocket Wine Book 2014
7500 Wines, 4000 Producers, Vintage Charts, Wine and Food
By, Oz Clarke

3 Stars

You can’t hold all the wine information you need in your head, but with this handy guide you can be sure it is available whenever you want it. Indispensable as ever, Oz Clarke’s now classic Pocket Wine Book is in its 22nd edition and is meticulously updated each year. The book has more information, more recommendations, more facts, passion and opinion than any other comparable guide to wine. Organised in an easy-to-use A–Z format, the entries cover wines, producers, grapes and wine regions from all over the world.

For optimum browsing, the guide includes a handy country by country index as well as a full producer index to help you find over 4000 of the world’s top wine producers and their wines. Detailed vintage charts, with information on which of the world's top wines are ready for drinking in 2014, can also be found in the book.

A former leading West End actor, Oz Clarke is one of the world's best known wine experts, whose formidable reputation is based on his extensive wine knowledge and accessible, no-nonsense approach. Known for his phenomenal palate, irreverent style, accurate predictions and enthusiasm for life in general, Oz is Britain's most popular wine writer.

Well this book was not as fun and exciting as I thought it was going to be. I am a real wine drinker, as you all know, and I don't think I would ever use this book. It might be nice to have just as a collector thing, maybe show company, but thats about it foe me.
I am sure that there are people out there that would use this book! So if you really do have a use for a wine reference book, I would say this is probably the best you could get! But it was just over-whelming for me.

Here is a snap-shot of a couple of the pages -

Thank you Netgalley and Anova books for sending me this E-book to read and review.

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