Its a Non-Fiction Saturday twofer!!!

Circle of Friends - 25 Pie, Crisps, & Cobblers
By - Gooseberry Patch

5++++ Stars!

Treat your family & friends to a helping of fresh-baked goodness. This collection features 25 down-home desserts like Apple Blush Pie, Cherry Brownie Cobbler and Pumpkin Custard Crunch...all guaranteed to be scrumptious and easy as pie to make!

These are the recipes everyone wants to make. These are the good old stand-by ones that are on everyones list. Now you have them all in one little book. There are no pictures of the pies, but there are little colorful drawings. And for what it is... it is excellent! As I am flipping through the e-book pages I am thinking "It seems like there are way more than 25???" but I guess not, it just seems bigger.

I have always loved gooseberry patch books! Even if you don't make anything, they are fun to look at. I always get the big ones out from the library at this time of year.

Well... this little book is...FREE! So for, ummm oh yeah $00.00 - it is so worth it!
Here are some of my favorites, ones I might be making.
Rustic Peach tart (I love peaches!)
Tried and True Pecan Pie ( I love pecan pie but have never made it)
Mocha Pecan Mud Pia (um excuse me!... YUM!)
French Silk Choc Pie (this is one of my hubby's favorites)
Peach Melba Crisp (again with the peaches!)
Granny's Blackberry Cobbler (need I say more?)

Oh my gosh everything sounds so good in here!!! AWE...SOME!!!

Get yours for FREE from Amazon - HERE
and from B&N - HERE
Deliciously Holistic
by - Shelley Alexander
4 Stars!

There is a simple, easy-to-follow recipe for eating healthy, delicious food that can also lead you on an enjoyable path to vibrant health. Holistic chef and certified healing foods specialist Shelley Alexander provides you with everything you need to know to prepare whole foods that nourishes, strengthens, energizes, and helps heal your body. Written from the perspective of a chef and ardent food lover, Deliciously Holistic demonstrates with each mouth-watering recipe that good nutrition never has to be at the cost of great taste. It’s certain to inspire a new way of living, and delight anyone who wants to come to the table of healthy, thoughtful eating.

Shelley Alexander is a holistic chef; certified healing foods specialist; blogger; and owner of the holistic health company, A Harmony Healing, in Los Angeles, California. Shelley is passionate about empowering people to take charge of their own health utilizing the power of healing whole foods and holistic lifestyle solutions. To find out more about Shelley and her company’s services, and to follow her holistic blog go - HERE. 

First off - There are a ton of recipes in here!!! A lot of them I would probably never make, but a lot of them I would! At least there are a lot to choose from. 

There is a huge section on drinks (juices and smoothies etc), and you all know how much I love those! - Vanilla pistachio milk, Peach cucumber smoothie, Wild blueberry smoothie, Hazelnut herbal coffee, just to name a few.
For breakfast you can make Mango Chia Ginger granola, or French toast with spiced blueberry syrup, or maybe Buttermilk millet waffles are more to your liking.

And whats for lunch? I would love some Tomato basil cream soup please! With a side of Fuji apple salad.
For dinner I would definitely make the Wild Alaskan Salmon patties lemon herb wild black cod, with Carrot walnut cream fettuccine with a few BBQ sweet potato fries! For dessert how about some Carob Almond chia pudding?

There is a great variety of foods to choose from here. And on several of the recipes she gives a Vegan version. If you love healthy foods like I do this would be a great cookbook for you! My only and biggest complaint... you guessed it, not enough pictures! Not nearly enough, there are really only two handfuls. But still a great cookbook.

Thank you Netgalley and "In Harmony Publishing" for sending me this e-book to read and review!

Get yours from Amazon - HERE


  1. I love the sound of the second one.

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to review my cookbook Deliciously Holistic! I really appreciate the support! I included 46 full colored photos for some of the recipes but I could not include one for each recipe since my book is self published. This would have made the price of the book well over $60.00 which would have made it very expensive to purchase. I did include 154 recipes and 50 pages of holistic lifestyle tips so that it could help as many people as possible make eating healthy easy to do.

    1. Wow, thank you so much for taking the time for visiting my blog! I'm sorry I am such a stickler for pictures! Like I said - it is still a great cook book though. And I do understand about the cost. I wouldn't pay 60. for a cook book.


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