November wrap-up!

Can you believe November is over already? Wow that month flew by.

I read some REALLY good books this month!!!
It will be hard to pick a favorite.

I did not include Children's books, Non-fiction books or short stories.

My 5 Star books for the month were -
Autumn Grace
The First Phone Call From Heaven

I had two 4.5 star books -
Nightmare City

And my 4 star books were -
The Hanging Tree (A Novella)

I would have to honestly say that all those books were my favorites! I can't really choose one.
I loved them all for very different reasons.

Now on to Christmas!!!!! Yay!

As usual I will be reading all Christmas books for the whole month of Dec.
I am very excited about this!
(I do have one review I need to sneak in that is not Christmas)


  1. You had a great month, Wendy! I haven't had a month were most of my reads were my favorites.

    Enjoy your Christmas reads for December! On to the Winter Reading Challenge!!

  2. YAY bring on the Christmas reviews. I can't wait!

  3. Glad you enjoyed all your reads this month, Wendy! :)

  4. me too, I am ready for Christmas stories, Christmas music and Christmas decorations...I am ready.
    will be watching for your reviews and books read.
    I have one to begin called Christmas Belles of Georgia,short stories with 4 authors....
    Merry Christmas

    Paula O

  5. I loved Mitch Albom's book. It'll be a fave of mine this year.


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