Christmas at Pebble Creek - Vannetta Chapman (Free e-book download)

4.5 Stars!

Heavy snow blankets the southwestern Wisconsin Amish community as nineteen-year-old Grace Miller closes the schoolhouse for Christmas break. She’s looking forward to having extra time to help the family prepare for the holiday, and she is hoping to get a few more drawings in of the beautiful, snowy Pebble Creek landscape. Her courtship with Adam Lapp is going on six months, and Grace can’t wait to give him his present: a blue-and-brown buggy blanket she crocheted for him. Yes, this Christmas is going to be especially joyful.
Yet, amid the cheer of snowshoe outings, church potlucks, and holiday festivities, Grace is given a bittersweet reminder of the Christmas story. Grief is present with celebration, and though the future is rarely certain, she is given a heartwarming glimpse that God knows our needs before we do and will provide.

YES! I knew (had hoped) that if I tried another one of hers I would like it. I liked it! Even though this was a short story, it was a great little story. It had a definite beginning, middle and end that I look for in short stories. It was interesting and had a real nice flow.

Great character development, and there was only one main character. I think that's why I connected with this one so much better. I think I am a one character reader.

This is a very sweet quick read for Christmas. I got into this story and the characters right away! Two thumbs up for Vannetta!

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