Holly In Love - Caroline B. Cooney

4.5 Stars!

Seventeen-year-old Holly Carroll hates the cold weather—sometimes she thinks she’s going to die of winter. She lives in New Hampshire, where snow’s a staple and everyone’s gearing up for the annual Ice Sculpture Festival. What Holly wants for Christmas this year is a boyfriend. In Bermuda. Then one day, she notices Jamie Winter. He’s nice, cool, and really good looking. He’s also sixteen—her younger brother’s age.

Her friends want to know how Holly can even think about dating a junior. All Holly knows is that she and Jamie have a great time together. He’s not only fun, he’s sensitive. And whip smart. But that doesn’t stop her friends from trying to set her up. Suddenly, dateless Holly has prospects, like the twenty-one-year-old college man who drives a silver Corvette. And there’s handsome, popular Pete Stein, who suddenly seems interested. But no one can compare to Jamie. Is Holly willing to risk the scorn of her classmates—and her whole school—to be with the boy she loves?

Caroline B. Cooney is the author of nearly a hundred books, including the famed young adult thriller The Face on the Milk Carton, an international bestseller. Cooney’s books have been translated into several languages, and have received multiple honors and awards, including an American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults award and a nomination for the Edgar Allan Poe Award. She is best known for her popular teen horror thrillers and romance novels. Her fast-paced, plot-driven work often explores themes of good and evil, love and hatred, right and wrong, and moral ambiguity. Born in Geneva, New York, Cooney grew up in Connecticut, and often sets her novels in dramatic New England landscapes. She has three children and four grandchildren and currently lives in South Carolina. 

Loved this book! It was fun, quirky, quick, and a bit romantic, but mostly - fun! Oh my goodness, I was seriously giggling on almost every page!

We all know  Caroline B. Cooney, right? She is that awesome YA writer that wrote the "Face on the Milk Carton" series. My daughter has read a bunch of her books! I loved her writing style. It was fun, and easy flowing, natural like. She has that great "tongue-in-cheek" witty humor that I love. She reminds me a little of Meg Cabot who I also love.

What I loved about this book was... there are two things I loved... well actually there were three things I really loved about this book!
1. - The main character! In a word - adorable!!!! She was so funny, quirky, sarcastic, and oh so loveable! I absolutely loved her from beginning to end! I could really relate to her. She felt so real to me, like someone my daughter would have hung out with.
2. - Holly's hatred for the cold! This was just freaking hilarious! There were so many references to how much she hated the weather in this story, but it just never got old for me. Probably because I feel exactly the same way! All those words could have come out of my mouth.
3. - How real this book felt. It really felt like teenagers talking. It was very believable. Like it was just plucked out of an everyday high school.
"I'm going to get warm." I wrote for Mrs. Audette, "I shall begin by drifting south. When I reach a state of constant perspiration, I'll be south enough. Once the icebergs in my bloodstream have thawed out, I'll lift my previously frozen eyelids and look around at the palm trees and the blistering sun and figure out how to earn a living." 

"Immediately, having made friends with God by complimenting Him on his terrific frost patterns, I began wondering what it would be like to talk to God about boys. "God, I think the mating pattern you allowed to evolve here is altogether too difficult. I want you to intervene in my life. Miracles will not be necessary. I wnat only a softening of the path." - haha love this, very well put!
If you are looking for a fun and quick book to read over the holidays - this be it!

Thank you Netgalley and "Open Road Media" for sending me this e-book to read and review!

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