Its a (Children's) Non-fiction Saturday twofer!

The Adventure Bible, NIV Book of Devotions: 
365 Days of Adventure
By: Robin Schmitt
4 Stars

Grab your spyglass and compass and set sail for adventure! Like a map that leads to great treasure, The NIV Adventure Bible Book of Devotions takes kids on a thrilling, enriching quest. This yearlong devotional is filled with exciting fictional stories about kids finding adventure in the real world. Boys and girls will learn more about God and the Bible, and be inspired to live a life of faith---the greatest adventure of all. 

Robin Schmitt has written several books for children and adults, including The Adventure Bible Handbook, The NIV Adventure Bible Book of Devotions, Married for Life, 101 Amazing Things About Heaven, and The 100 Most Important Bible Verses for Men. Robin has a passion for inspiring readers of all ages toward spiritual maturity and childlike faith. He lives in Michigan with his wife and three children. 

I love the idea of this book more than I love the actual book. It is a great idea to have a devotional like this for kids, especially if you are willing to take the time and do it with them. 

Each page is labeled with the date you are suppose to read them. There are bible verses for each devotional, and a little story. Then something to think about or a question to go with the devotional.

My only problem with this is that some of the stories are not very exciting. And if I found them this way, children will surly find them boring. Some of them were good, just not all (and I didn't read the whole book, just a few pages).

I think all-in-all this is a pretty good devotional for those mid-range kids, maybe 8 - 12 yrs. I do think it would make a better read-a-loud book though, and then talk about what you read.

Thank you "Zonderkidz" for sending me this book to read and review!

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A Queen Named Esther (The Beginner's Bible) 
David Battles Goliath (The Beginner's Bible)
4 Stars!

Using art from the bestselling The Beginner's Bible, these stories are available in the popular and affordable 8x8 softcover format.

A Queen Named Esther is a retelling of the favorite Old Testament Bible story about a beautiful Hebrew woman named Esther. When the king of Persia is looking for a queen, Esther's cousin Mordecai encourages her to step forward. And when the king sees her beauty, he chooses her to be the new queen. But God has a bigger job for Esther than just being queen. The safety of God's people rests in the hands of the new queen.  

David Battles Goliath is a retelling of the favorite Old Testament Bible story about a young shepherd boy named David with a great amount of faith. David hears about the challenge made by the Philistine giant Goliath and believes he must do something to help. Knowing that God will always be at his side, the shepherd boy tells the king he wants to fight Goliath.

These are nice colorful stories that will catch the eye of early readers. Every page has colored illustrations and the stories are pretty simple, enough for children to understand.
I liked them, they just didn't WOW me.
But for a good price - this is a nice way to start introducing your children to those bible stories!

Thank you Zondervan Kidz for sending me these books to read and review!

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