Fun Friday!

Lets talk about "Wish Lists".

These are the top 5 on my "Nook" B&N wish list -  

The Ghost of Greenwich Village - Lorna Graham

 Arranged - Catherine McKenzie

 The Dovekeepers - Alice Hoffman

 Amaryllis in Blueberry - Christina Meldrum

Unraveling Isobel - Eileen Cook


These are the top 5 on my "Kindle" Amazon wish list -

Dancing With Fireflies - Denise Hunter

Wildwood Creek - Lisa Wingate

Lost Lake - Sarah Addison Allen

 Watch Over Me - Christina Parish

 The Returned - Jason Mott

These are the top 5 that are sitting on my shelf but haven't had time to read them -

The Story of Beautiful Girl - Rachel Simon

Daughter of Jerusalem - Joan Wolf

 Lessons from the Mountain - Mart McDonough

Weather Witch - Shanon Delany

 Il Dottore - Ron Felber

 Well, there you have it - My top 15 wish list books.

What's on your list?

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