Fun Friday!

I decided to do this for my Fun Friday, even though its a Thur. Meme. 

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  Today's theme is:
Wild Card - Any character! From any book! Just come up with a favorite!
OK, this was a hard decision. But after some loooooong thought. I narrowed it down to two. Both are from series because you get to know the characters better when they are in a series.

 The first is Sophie Mercer from the very fun "Hex Hall series" by Rachel Hawkins. If you have not read these books, you absolutely must! They are so much fun! One of my favorite series! My daughter read the whole series in one day and then complained that it was over. She wanted me to write to the author and ask her to please continue it! LOL. I said, umm yeah sure.
Anyway... Sophie is a great character! She is sweet, cute, funny, a little shy at first and totally kick butt when she has to be, and she does have to be!

The next, and my fave! is Chloe Hobbs from the "Sugar Maple Series" by Barbara Bretton.
This is another Paranormal series that is fun fun fun! Oh my gosh, I loved these books! Again, if you haven't read these - you simply must! Chloe is amazing! She is one of my alltime favorite characters! She is a new witch who is just learning her powers and is so adorable and funny. But once she has caught on - watch out! She is an amazing woman!
Also, she owns a yarn shop :-) 


  1. I LOVE Sophie! Great choice :-)
    Thanks for joining in.
    Em @

  2. I love the Sugar Maple Series too. I need to catch up. I haven't read the latest one.

    My favorite? Ooooo I can't pick. Jane from Austenland comes to mind.


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