Heidi - Johanna Spyri

5 Stars!!!

When Heidi’s Aunt Dete brings the orphaned girl to live with her grandfather, no one can imagine the bitter, solitary old man caring for a child. But, to everyone’s surprise, the two grow to love each other—and Heidi blossoms in her new home. Johanna Spyri’s charming story—and spirited heroine—have won children’s hearts for more than a century.


Johanna Spyri (1827-1901) was a Swiss writer of children’s books. She began writing during the Franco-Prussian War to raise money for the Red Cross. Her best-known work, Heidi, was adapted for film several times.

 I love this book! This is one of my favorite books of all times! The first time I read it I was a teenager, maybe 15. And I loved it even then. I could not stop reading it. Not exactly a book you would find a teen reading, but I was enthralled. Heidi totally won my heart!

My second experience with this was through the movie with Shirley Temple, and again - I loved it! It is still today my favorite Shirley Temple movie (and I am a huge Shirley Temple fan!). I had always vowed to read this book again to see if I would still be in love with it.

That brings me to today. For Christmas I received, from the hubby a sparkling new pretty pink iPod touch!
I was so excited to start listening to Audio books! So I downloaded an app simply called "Audio Books" there are tons of free books available. I chose Heidi to be the first one to listen to.

Yep, once again, it wowed me! I just love this sweet story of how this little Swiss girl brought sunshine into everyone's lives! If you have not yet read Heidi, or listened to - I highly recommend it!
I also thought the reader was very good. She is Kara Shallenberg and her website is kayray.org - HERE

Get your free e-book Kindle copy - HERE

The linking of the books (to be officially renamed in Feb.)- 
Book 2 - Grace
Book 3 - Heidi
In "Grace" a big deal was made about visiting puppies and playing with and falling in love with them.
In "Heidi" a big deal was made of Heidi visiting kittens, playing with them and falling in love with them and actually taking them to Clara.
So visiting puppies and kittens are the link.

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