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Back to the Cabin
More Inspiration for the Classic American Getaway
By - Dale Mulfinger

5 Stars!!!!!

Cabins speak of modesty, shared spaces for the camaraderie of family and friends, and an open, relaxed atmosphere. Many of the cabins showcased in Back to the Cabin capture this iconic spirit, where life is simple, the mudroom is entry enough for all, and burning wood is for more than just charm. There are also some surprises along the way, with cabins that come packaged as kits, cabins built from recycled materials, and other whimsical examples designed “just for the fun of it.”

Dale Mulfinger is widely acknowledged as the foremost expert on cabins in North America. His first book, The Cabin: Inspiration for the Classic American Getaway, has sold over 165,000 copies and has consistently been the leading book in the category since it was published in 2001. In this new collection of 37 cabins, Mulfinger rekindles his love for this treasured American icon with fresh insight and seasoned strategies for the logic, utility, and beauty of cabin design.

Absolutely loved this book. This book was perfect. It was exactly what I thought it would be. It was exactly what I wanted it to be. It was exactly what it should be!

There are tons of GORGEOUS pictures. I kept flipping through them saying "I want that, yep, want that, want that too." This is like the ultimate cabin dream book/wish book. I could very easily put myself in any of those pictures. All of them look so modern yet very comfortable. And very tastefully done!

The Author talks about the architects and what they had in mind and their reasons for their design, where the cabins are located, and even shows simple floor plans. And of course lots of pictures of each.

No wonder I liked this book so much. I just looked up the Author and I have a few of his other books! All of them are Great!!!  There are some books that you just love looking at over and over again. I don't think this book will ever get old to me.

Thank you Netgalley and Taunton Press for sending me this e-book to review!

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Fresh from the Farm
A Year of Recipes and Stories
By - Susie Middleton

4 Stars

Part cookbook, part memoir, Fresh from the Farm chronicles a year of Susie Middleton’s life on her farm as she nurtures both her seedlings and her soul, weathers life as a farmer, and creates 125 simple recipes that celebrate cooking with the seasons.

The fresh, accessible recipes developed by Susie, former editor in chief of Fine Cooking magazine and author of the best-selling Fast, Fresh & Green, pay homage to the vegetables and fruit she harvests on her rural farm and sells at her farm stand. Woven throughout the tantalizing recipes and luscious photos of food and farm life is Susie’s witty, engaging story of trading in her corporate life for something more meaningful, simple, and satisfying.

Valuable tips for both cooks and aspiring market gardeners are peppered throughout the book, and design ideas for four projects will inspire would-be backyard farmers. Fresh from the Farm is for anyone who enjoys cooking with fresh ingredients and eating seasonally—or anyone who wants to indulge their inner farmer.

Susie Middleton is not only a cook and a writer, but a farmer, too. The former chief editor of Fine Cooking magazine, Susie also authored Fast, Fresh & Green and The Fresh & Green Table. Susie has been a life-long writer, and in addition to blogging regularly at www.sixburnersue.com and occasionally on the Huffington Post, she writes both essays and food features for national and regional magazines. She started growing vegetables commercially in 2010 on Martha’s Vineyard.

This book was good, don't get me wrong, but it didn't WOW me like I wanted it to. But still a good book and one to refer to now and then. There a few recipes I will definitely use.

There are lots of beautiful pictures. The only problem is that half of them are not of the dishes the recipe is for. So while the pictures are gorgeous and I did enjoy them very much! I do wish there were more pictures of the actual food.

 And this one I will definitely make (recipe after)

A lot of people might appreciate this book more than I. There were some recipes I would make but a lot of them just didn't sound good to me and of course some meat recipes I won't use.

Thank you Netgelley and Taunton Press for sending me this e-book to review!

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  1. I want them both. I love eating healthy and cabins. I dream of owning one someday actually.