Paper Hearts - S. R. Savell

3 Stars

A pushy counselor, school bullies, a neglectful mother, and a dead father have ruined seventeen-year-old high school senior Michelle Pearce’s perspective on life. A social reject living in self-imposed exile, Michelle has little use for anything or anyone—until Nathaniel comes along. A high school dropout who works three jobs to care for his dying grandmother, he’s all but convinced Michelle that there is some good left in humanity.

And then humanity proves him wrong. The unforgivable happens, destroying Michelle’s new found faith in life and threatening to unravel a love in the making.

S. R. Savell is a writer pursuing an MFA. She lives in Hempstead, Texas.
She was born somewhere over the rainbow, approximately 20 years ago. She attended Blinn College where she began production on her first and only novel to date, Paper Hearts. She loves anything of the small and furry nature and, unrelatedly, collaborating with the voices in her head to write stuff people may actually want to read.
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I have to start with a disclaimer before I start ragging on this book -  The copy I read was an uncorrected proof... Sooo hopefully it is going to be much better before the actual book is for sale.
I really wanted to like this book (and I did... like it) but it was so hard to read with so many errors. There were whole parts of the book that were repeated (I think they were meant to be taken out but weren't yet) and the timeline was screwed up due to leaving the double parts in. This just made it so hard to enjoy.

If I had to rate the book based on the story alone - I would say it has real potential! As does the author. The character development was pretty good although Michelle was a very unlikable person, she was rude, mouthy, obnoxious, and just plain mean! I would almost go as far as saying I hated her. On the other hand, I really liked Nathaniel, what a sweetheart he was (he was kind of like an open book) and clearly did not deserved Michelle or everything that had happened to him. And I also really loved his grandmother! She had such insight.

Part of the story is about Michelle being bullied at school, but she was a bully herself! So I hate to say it but she kinda had it coming! The rest (which I will not give away) she did not have coming and was very sad.

I am almost sorry that it was the ARC I read and not the finished book because I think I would have liked it better. So I  wish good luck to the author, I do think she will make it! I would read her again.

Thank you Librarything Early Reviewers for giving me this book to read and review!
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Spoiler alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#4 - Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer
#5 - Paper Hearts 
Wow these books were so similar! I actually kept getting the names confused.
Both main characters had been the victim of repeated rapes! 


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