Fun Friday! - GIVEAWAY!

Introducing a new blog! 
No, not mine, I already have enough!

This one belongs to the daughter - so you know its got to be good!
This blog is all about -
* going green and re-use and re-purpose
* using natural products
* making your own
* being healthy and staying healthy
* alternative ways of healing
* healthy eating
* its all about mind, body, and soul!

This is the way I raised  my daughter! Eating healthy and living healthy!
I have to say I am very proud that she not only stuck to the ways I taught her but is proud enough of it to make a blog about it!
There is and will be some really interesting stuff on her blog!
PLEASE go visit, drop her a comment or two and please become a follower!
Sign up for email alerts so you don't miss anything!
She's new so she needs some blogger lovin!

I am doing a little giveaway as an incentive for you to visit her.
I am giving away a gorgeous copy of this book -

As you can see it is a really nice spiral bound full color book! EVERY single page has full color pictures! I would call this a beginners guide. If you are thinking of getting into a more natural, alternative way of healing - this is the perfect book to check it out!
The link to B&N - HERE

To enter to win -
 Use the form below to -
* Go to Ashley's blog - HERE and comment on two different posts.
* sign up to be a follower
* sign up for email alerts
Doing one of the above will get you one entry!
Doing two will get you two entries
Doing all three will get you three entries! (and I'll be your BFF)
Winner will be chosen 3/20/2014


  1. That looks like a great book! What a fitting way to introduce my blog to the world :) thanks! Can't wait to see everyone, and good luck with the contest!!!

  2. I am so excited for Ashley. I love her new blog and wish her the best of luck. Great giveaway so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

    mauback55 at gmail dot com


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