Conspirators of the Lost Sock Army and the Loose Change Collection Agency - Dan O'Brien - GIVEAWAY!

5 Stars!

You’re never too old to have one more adventure
Brought to life by Steve Ferchaud’s vibrant drawings, this story for all ages by Dan O’Brien lets us know that it is never too late to have one more adventure.
An illustrated fantasy short complete with giant socks, a leprechaun, and an old man as the protagonist.

Dan O’Brien, founder and editor-in-chief of The Northern California Perspective, has written over 20 books––including the bestselling Bitten, which was featured on Conversations Book Club’s Top 100 novels of 2012. Before starting Amalgam, he was the senior editor and marketing director for an international magazine. In addition, he has spent over a decade in the publishing industry as a freelance editor. You can learn more about his literary and publishing consulting business by visiting his website at: Contact him today to order copies of the book or have them stocked at your local bookstore. He can he reached by email at  

Amazingly fun book! This is a very creative, suspenseful but cute book for... maybe young middle school readers. This was eerie enough to keep it interesting for those distractible young minds but not scary enough to induce nightmares! It was just plain fun!
What would you do if you found a leprechaun under your couch, and he needed your help! There's a bad guy with lots of helpers (socks! lol), a hero and lots of real cute drawings.

Would you like to win a remarked copy of
Conspirators of the Lost Sock Army 
and Loose Change Collection Agency  
signed by the author and illustrator?

Simply follow the author here and here and a few winners will be randomly selected on March 20th!


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