Feb. Wrap-up!

At first I was like - Whaaaaat? only 10 books? But then I remembered it was Feb., a short month. So given 3 more days I could have squeaked in another book or two. That's  my story and I'm stickin to it!

I read some really REALLY great books this month!

I had two 5 Star books -
All Things Hidden
A Miracle Of Hope

I had five 4 star books!
Susanna's Dream
Swimming Upstream
Beyond Belief
Smitten Book Club
A January Bride

I would also say that this was a good month for book covers! A lot of really nice covers this month.
I think my favorites were - Smitten Book Club and A January Bride.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane was my Audio book for the month.
And hmmm no library books - oh wait!
Actually The Ocean at the End of the Lane was from the library - it was a download for Overdrive.
So it counts as both. Whew!

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