Fun Friday!

What books do you look at for fun?
I mean we all love some kind of fiction, be it mystery, historical, chick-lit, horror, whatever. But we all also have those books that we look at, just for fun. We stand in the book stores and look at them, we get them from the library and look at them, and sometimes we buy them and look at them over and over!

So, what is your passion? What books do you look at just for fun?

Mine are knitting books -

And House and home decorating books -
I can't get enough of them! I could just sit and look at knitting books and house books for hours! I am addicted.

Everytime I get a stack of House books from the library, they always ask "Oh, doing some remodeling?"  ... "No? Um I just  like to look at house books."

And everytime I get a stack of knitting books from the library, they ask "Oh, doing some knitting?" Well thats a stupid question. So I say "I'm always doing some knitting."

Can they just refrain themselves? Really? If I got a stack of true crime books would they ask "Oh, doing some murdering?"


  1. Knit your own zombie?!? How cool is that!!

  2. 1000 combinations to rip and reassemble for horrifying results! Lmao!

  3. I love home decorating books! I love going to the library and sitting around for hours just perusing them.

    I wish I could knit.


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