Its a GREAT Non-fiction Saturday two-fer!!!

Oh my goodness, I have two gorgeous children's books for you today! I am so excited about both of these.

101 Color & Sing Bible Stories
Created by - Stephen Elkins
5 Stars!

Preschoolers will get excited about this introductory Bible storybook (with 2 CD-ROMs) that encourages them to color and sing—two favorite pastimes of little children—as part of the Bible story-telling experience. Each of the 101 Bible stories includes a coloring page to print and color. The coloring sheets include a key Bible verse that can be colored along with the picture—a great way to help kids memorize Bible verses! In addition to coloring pages, the CDs include 101 memorable Scripture songs that relate to the stories. The Bible song track number is referenced on the story page for easy access.

Stephen Elkins is the owner and founder of Wonder Workshop, located fifteen minutes from the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. For over 20 years, he has written and produced quality music products that have been nominated for Grammy Awards as well as ECDA Association Awards. He has produced products for every major Christian publisher as well as such publishers as Simon & Schuster and Random House. His books and CDs have been published in several languages and have maintained positions on Billboard's Top 100 for over 100 consecutive weeks. Stephen lives with his lovely wife, Cindy. They have three children.
Visit his website - HERE

This book is awesome! Well its really more than just a book. It comes with two computer CDs with music and pictures to print out for each page of the book.
Here's how it works -
On the top of each page it will tell you, for example - Disc 1, Song 15, Coloring page 15
You put the CD in your computer and find song 15 and print out coloring page 15.
On that page in the book it looks like this -

You do the Bible reading along with the song and color the picture.
I think this is wonderful! There are 206 pages, a padded hard cover and full color pictures on every page. This book is worth every single dime! Besides being able to this with your children or grandchildren you could also use this for Sunday school! I taught Sunday school for several years and I would have loved using this.

Thank you Tyndale for sending me this awesome book to read and review!

Get your from Amazon - HERE

The Big Picture Interactive Bible for Kids, 
David and Goliath Edition LeatherTouch: 
Connecting Christ Throughout God's Story 
(The Gospel Project)
By - B&H Editorial Staff (Editor), 
Heath McPherson (Illustrator)
5 Stars!

Kids can now be engaged in Bible reading and study as never before, seeing scenes from the Bible literally pop off the page via a free downloadable app that lets them view the images in an augmented reality format, as well as listen to narration of the event.

This full color, fully designed Bible includes features to help kids experience the Bible including call outs of key Bible stories, definitions, memory verses and more, all designed to get kids digging into and learning the Bible for life.

Together kids and parents can enjoy the Christ Connections and Big Questions and Answers call outs that show God's story unfolding from the beginning of time and how we fit into his plan.

Heath McPherson runs a small studio that creates whimsical illustrations and animation for folks across the country. His work includes Timmy and Tammy's Train of Thought by Oliver Chin as well a number of animated commercials.

When I first got this package and opened it up I literally gasped - This book is Goooor-geooous! (said in a sing-songy voice).  First of all, this is not a story book. This is a Bible, a real full Bible. I am blown away by the quality of this. There is an intimation leather cover that is so soft, a satin ribbon to mark your place, cute color drawings, full color glossy maps in the back, small full color pictures throughout, and little extras that pop out at you asking questions etc. and over 1200 pages! 

AND - if all that wasn't enough. You can download a free app (if you have a smartphone) that goes along with the Bible. 
ON MY GOSH! This is so very cool! So you download the app and scan the little round pic at the bottom of the color drawing, then scan the picture and magically it comes to life on your phone! It turns into a full 3D picture and talks to you! This is awesome!
Heck, forget that this is for kids, I want to go through and do every single page myself! This is so freakin amazing! What will they think of next?

I will show a few pictures, but honestly, pictures will not do this justice.

Thank you B&H for sending me this AMAZING children's Bible to review!

Get yours at Amazon - HERE


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