(Not so -) Fun Friday!

This is the scene off my front porch. If you are unfamiliar with this white stuff - this is what 14" of snow looks like! Its not pretty! At least its not when you have to shovel  it!.

Its hard to believe just two days ago we were actually up to 50 and now its 16 and later today it suppose to get to 40!
Well I guess that's March in NY.

Here are some pretty snowy book cover from books that I have read -

Happy Spring!


  1. I love the covers of all of these books. Thank you for sharing. I hope you thaw out soon.

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

  2. Love the Angels in the Snow cover.
    But seriously 14 inches? That's awful. You poor dear.

  3. I really do wish California had snow, but maybe not 14 inches... hope it warms up there soon!

  4. Yikes on the snow. Did you get more or is it nice now? It's been nice here but it's turning cold again with snow or rain or both. Not looking forward to more cold. I so want spring already!


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