Fun Friday - RAT Update

Two more weeks till the Read-a-thon!

Now that I will be doing it at my daughters house I have different kind of prep to do.
I have to pack my snacks, pack my computer, pack my books, wear comfortable clothes, and maybe a blanket but I don't wan to get too comfortable.

Lets talk snacks -
Sushi! yay
Trail mix
Veggies and dip
some kind of chocolate
chips and salsa
deviled eggs
Hmm am I missing anything?

We have to get everything ready ahead of time so we won't waste time doing it during the RAT.

Next Friday I will be announcing the details of my RAT contest so come back to check it out.

If you haven't signed up yet you can do so - HERE
You can also sign up for cheerleading or to donate prizes.


  1. Toothpicks. You're missing toothpicks.

    1. Oh yeah!!!!!
      Toothpicks for keeping eyes open!

  2. Lots and lots of liquids LOL

  3. Yay, Wendy! So glad you're participating this time. I've missed you!