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Pizza on the Grill
100+ Feisty Fire-Roasted Recipes for Pizza & More
Elizabeth Karmel, Bob Blumer
 5+++++ Stars!!!!!

Americans love pizza and Americans love to grill--put them together and you have your own at-home version of a wood-oven pizza, straight from your gas or charcoal grill. In this expanded edition of the original best-selling Pizza on the Grill, homemade gluten-free pizza dough and 10 inventive gluten-free pizza recipes accompany another 50 creative recipes for delicious pizzas, including kid-friendly, dessert, and knock-your-socks-off ingredient combinations. Home cooks will find Kung Pao Cashew Chicken Pizza, Pulled Pork Pizza, and Blistered Corn, Asparagus, and Pesto Pizza, along with traditional classics like Margherita Pizza and All-American Pepperoni Pizza. Each recipe contains drink suggestions. Nibbles to nosh on while the pizza is grilling as well as salads to serve with the pizza make this a one-stop resource.

In addition, the book provides dough recipes—including a to-die-for gluten-free dough—with step-by-step instructions and photos for working with gluten-free and regular pizza dough.

North Carolina native Elizabeth Karmel was raised on barbecue--at roadside stands, neighborhood cookouts and county fairs--but it wasn't until she moved away from home that the barbecue love affair began. When it wasn't at her fingertips, she had to learn how to smoke it herself and a pit-mistress was born.
Karmel, a.k.a. Queen of the Grill, is a nationally respected authority on grilling, barbecue and Southern food. She is the Executive Chef of Hill Country Barbecue Market in NYC and Washington, DC, and NYC's Hill Country Chicken. She developed the award-winning concept, menu and flavor profiles from the meats to the sides and desserts for all three restaurants.
As a sought after media personality, Karmel writes for, and is frequently featured in an array of national magazines from Saveur to Better Homes & Gardens, and appears regularly on all three network morning shows.
She writes a bi-monthly column for the Associated Press called The American Table. She is the author of three acclaimed cookbooks, Taming the Flame: Secrets for Hot-and-Quick Grilling and Low-and-Slow BBQ, Pizza on the Grill; and Soaked, Slathered and Seasoned: the Guide to Flavoring Food for the Grill. Karmel is also the designer of Elizabeth Karmel's Grill Friends; an innovative line of outdoor cooking and kitchen tools, and the founder of the gender-breaking GirlsattheGrill.com.
Follow her @GrillGirl and like her fan page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Elizabeth-Karmel/201250523244938.

A-MA-ZING!!!! This is definitely the BEST Pizza book EVER (you can tell by all the CAPS I use, the more CAPS the better the book). I am sooooooo excited to start trying this. I have to run out and get all the ingredients, like tomorrow! Never before has a cookbook gotten me so excited. I never even knew you could grill pizza now I am so excited to try one.
This book is awesome, I can't tell you enough!

It has all the basics -
Your doughs - Basic dough - hand made & by machine, Artisan Bakers dough, Spelt dough, Gluten-free dough
Your sauces (for spreading - Tomato basil base. Tuscan red sauce, Crushed tomato sauce,  Pesto, White bean and LOTS more
Then you have your special toppers - Slow roasted onions, Onion marmalade, Fire roasted peppers, Fire roasted cherry tomatoes, and again so much more

There are different kinds of pizzas - Veggie, pork, Breakfast, Seafood, Cheese, Dessert, etc, etc.

The instructions are excellent. They seem very easy to follow, with pictures to go with it.

Here is a quote from the book that I love -

"Even cardboard would taste good if it were pickled in pepper vodka, seasoned with garlic, slathered in olive oil, and topped with creamy mozzarella. Put it on a pizza crust and it's heaven!" - Oh, my mouth's watering!

Some more yummy pictures -

I only have one final thing to say - If you are a pizza lover - BUY THIS BOOK!

Thank you Netgelley and Taunton Press for sending me this awesome book to read and review!

Get your copy from Amazon - HERE

The Gentle Art of Quilt-Making
Jane Brocket

3 Stars

The Gentle Art of Quilt-Making is a charming, inspirational and practical collection of 15 quilts for would-be quilters by leading author Jane Brocket. There’s a Russian Shawl Quilt, inspired by traditional motifs of Russian folk art, a Floral Frocks Quilt inspired by summer dresses, flower gardens and herbaceous borders and a Suits and Ties Quilt reusing sober woollen suiting contrasting with extravagant silk ties designed in an Irish Chain.
Finally, a practical section covers all the knowledge you’ll need – from chainpiecing,
hand-quilting and sandwiching to binding, storage and caring for your quilt. Armed with the design tools, you can embark on your quilting journey and begin creating your own personal masterpiece.

Jane Brocket is the author of nine books including the bestselling The Gentle Art
of Quilt-Making and The Gentle Art of Knitting. She created her blog, yarnstorm, in 2005 to write about knitting, but the contents soon expanded to include many more of life's small pleasures, such as baking, quilting, sewing, gardening, books and films. It was named as one of the five best craft blogs in BBC Homes & Antiques magazine’s ’50 best blogs 2012’. 

This quilting book was just OK for me. It wasn't bad but it was far from being my favorite. It just didn't excite me, like quilting books usually do. 
For one think, it is very basic - So I guess if you are a beginner, that's good. But on the other hand, The pictures could have been a LOT better. There were colored photos but most of them were so small I couldn't even tell if I liked the quilt or  not. And (in my opinion) when looking at a knitting, cooking, or quilting book - What do you look for first? The pictures!
This is what a lot of them looked like -
 There were some decent diagrams -

Like I said, it was an alright book with some good basic instructions. You've got to start somewhere.

Thank you Netgalley and Anova Books for sending me this e-book to read and review.

Get your copy from Amazon - HERE

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