RAT hr #10

Book reading now - Six Months Later, by Natalie D Richards
On page -60

Books finished - 
The Originals, by Cat Patrick - 296 pages
Just Like Fate, by Cat Patrick & Suzanne Young - 294 pages

Total pages read -  650 Woot!

Break time - just blogging and talking to the daughter, planning the next meal and snack. And texting Jen.

Snack time - None, Pizza coming soon tho!!!!!
complements of RAT slave/RAT boy
I think we are also going to do a veggie and dip platter with the pizza.

PS. Daughter yawned at 5:45!!!!! Gasp! I know right???!!!


  1. You rat! And I mean rat as in you are ratting me out, not referring to you as a readathon, although I think you read enough to qualify as your own personal readathon, but that's besides the point! Rat!

    1. I told her she should shake some toothpicks and just stare at you. She didn't though :( party pooper!

  2. Keep going, Wendy! The fact that you already read 650 pages is awesome!!!

  3. It sounds like you are doing quite well so far! Veggie and dip is always a good choice in my opinion :) I hope that you are having lots of fun while reading!!

    Happy Reading!

    *Team Wordsworth

  4. Yikes, yawning already isn't a good sign. Lol. Pizza sounds awesome. Great job as usual with the reading. The cover on that book likes like where I live.