RAT, OK I think this is hr 15???

Book reading now - Six Months Later, by Natalie D Richards, still, almost done though.
On page -234

Books finished - 
The Originals, by Cat Patrick - 296 pages
Just Like Fate, by Cat Patrick & Suzanne Young - 294 pages

Total pages read -  824

Break time - nothing, blogging, might get something to drink, might pee

RAT Central is getting a little messy -


  1. You should probably "might pee" before it turns into "must pee" dont you think?

  2. Ha! I think every RAT central is messy right now - you should see mine...

    You are doing great! Almost 1000 pages! You rock!

    Have fun reading and keep up the good work! #TeamWordsworth

  3. Keep up the great Rah Rah Reading!!


  4. It doesn't look too messy yet. I'm impressed that you've read over 800 pages. Good job!


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