Dance For a Dean Princess - Deborah Hawkins

3.5 Stars

Princess Diana made a video tape in January 1997 naming her assassin after she received a threatening phone call from a highly placed source. Her close friend, Nicholas Carey, a duke with a title dating back to Henry VIII's time and one of the world's most eligible bachelors, has vowed to find that tape and make it public in memory of Diana and his late wife Deborah, who was the princess's close friend at West Heath School for Girls. Taylor Collins, a beautiful Wall Street attorney, has the tape and is the only woman in the world with no interest in becoming the Duchess of Burnham. Nicholas lures Taylor to England by promising to sell his ancestral home Burnham Abbey, to one of her clients. 
While Taylor is in the Abbey's library looking for the original title documents, she discovers dark secrets about the Careys. Did Thomas Carey, the first duke, murder his wife to marry the heiress Henry VIII planned to make his mistress? Were Nicholas and his housekeeper responsible for Deborah's death at the Abbey? Who is the father of Nicholas' mysterious ward Lucy? When Nicholas is accused of murder, Taylor becomes the only person who can save him. But Taylor's own life is in danger because she knows who killed the Princess of Wales.

Deborah grew up in the South, wrote her first novel at the of age thirteen, and has been writing ever since. In graduate school, she studied Irish Literature and came to believe all Irishmen and Southerners are born storytellers. In addition to writing, she loves music and plays the clarinet. Now that her children are grown, she devotes her time to law, music, writing, and her two Golden Retrievers, Melody and Rhythm. She was thrilled when her first published novel, Dance For a Dead Princess, received a favorable Kirkus review at 

The second half of this book was so much better than the first half, it was almost two different books for me. This was not as fast paced, to me, as others claimed. The first half just dragged and I really couldn't get into the characters at all - there were a lot of characters to keep track of. Just when I was about to give up - it clicked! The book turned over a new leaf and I suddenly started to like it! I was very glad I did not give up on it altogether. I ended up liking the characters and was following the storyline much better. I am just sorry it took my half the book to start liking it.
If you are looking for a nice little mystery with a little bit of romance you would probably like this one! It was a nice little even if I didn't love it.

Thank you Orangeberry Book Tours for sending me this e-book ro read and review.
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  1. This one has a very interesting plot that has peaked my interest. If I give it a try, I'll keep your warning about the first half of the book in mind.


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