Fun Friday!

I haven't done a bookish Fun Friday in ages!
So here ya go -

This is like the "Holy Crap!" of home libraries -

Nice and neat -

Nice! Spiral staircase a nice added touch -

Surrounded by books -

Now that's a sunroom! -

This reminds me of those spice racks that pull out, I'd like one for shoes please! -

I've heard of rock climbing, but...

Very good use of hallway space!

Oh my! This looks like an accident waiting to happen -

*All pictures are from Pinterest


  1. we should visit. I'd love to see which books they have -- though I would probably just stand in awe and never actually read a title!

  2. I want them ALL!!! Gosh! To have bookshelves like that! I doubt that I'll keep it as neat as they do, though.


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