Unhoppy: The Case Files of Dr. Matilda Schmidt - Cynthia St.Aubin

4 Stars!

When there's not a hop in hell...

The day is going to hell in a hurry for Paranormal Psychologist Matilda Schmidt, and that's *before* a suicidal Easter bunny shows up for treatment.

When pictures surface of Matilda caught in the middle of a hit man-Cupid sandwich, she lands in the oily grip of a ruthless blackmailer, whose motives are as ugly as his mustache. Now Matilda must betray the trust of someone who cares for her to meet the blackmailer's demands, or she can kiss her reputation, her practice, and even her freedom goodbye. But blackmail is only the beginning when the immortal mystery-client brought to her couch by a seductive demigod causes Matilda to fling caution—along with her panties—to the wind.

Hunted by two jealous goddesses who would gladly use her intestines to lace up their strappy sandals—and with her full-time hit man sometimes lover nowhere to be found—Matilda will have to save herself, or the world will be up River Styx without a paddle.


Cynthia St. Aubin wrote her first play at age eight and made her brothers perform it for the admission price of gum wrappers. A steal, considering she provided the wrappers in advance. Though her early work debuted to mixed reviews, she never quite gave up on the writing thing, even while earning a mostly useless master's degree in art history and taking her turn as a cube monkey in the corporate warren.
Because the voices in her head kept talking to her, and they discourage drinking at work, she started writing instead. When she's not standing in front of the fridge eating cheese, she's hard at work figuring out which mythological, art historical, or paranormal friends to play with next. She lives in Colorado with the love of her life and three surly cats.
Cynthia loves to hear from her readers! You can find her HERE

This book is one wild and crazy ride! This is not my usual read - there is a lot of sex and a lot of swearing. Which is usually a huge turnoff for me (and it was here too), but this book was so freakin hilarious it made it easier to overlook.

This book is just jammed pack of craziness it had me laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. One time I was reading while I was watching my daycare children (I felt so naughty)! Then I kept laughing out loud and the kids were staring at me, and I was like - "What?".

There is the suicidal Easter bunny (who was also victim of the first lucky rabbits foot!), A psychologist with a goldfish named Sigmund Freud, a blackmailer, Adonis, a hitman, and Crixus (look him up, he's hot!). Like I said, this book is one wild ride. It will have you laughing from page one all the way through. There is also a very good storyline (very creative, to say the least) and very good character development.

Here are a few of my favorite parts -
"How many times have you attempted suicide? I asked.
The filaments of his whiskers vibrated with thought. "About twenty."
"In all those years?" I asked. "That's not such a bad average."
"I meant today," He clarified.

"Ha!" I announced triumphantly. "I found it!"
"Your sock?" Liam asked.
"No, the scotch. Close enough though. Sock. Scotch. See? Practically the same word."

"Like today when I asked Adonis to take the paper bag off his head because I thought maybe I could make him feel better about being ugly but I accidentally humped his brains out on the bookshelves."
"You did what?" Rage crackled Liam's voice.
"Not literally of course," I added. "His brains didn't actually come out or anything." - Hahaha oh my gosh, this is the one that made me laugh out loud!
While this would not have been my first choice of books in the first place - now that I have read one I definitely have to read the others!
If you are ready to take a walk on the wild side, maybe step out of your comfort zone (Hey, maybe this is your comfort zone!!) this is a great book to try! It fun, fast, and very flirty.

Thank you WanderLust Book Tours for sending me this e-book for my honest review!

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