Adventures Under the Mango Tree - Lillian Ann Klepp

5 Stars!

Hearing the tremendous needs of orphans in Sudan, an ordinary woman in Wisconsin prayed, "Lord, what can I do?" His answer was life altering! "Sell all you have and give it to the poor," He said. Acting in faith and with a heavy burden for orphans, author Lillian Klepp and her husband, Dennis, sold everything they had and moved to war-torn Yei, Sudan. There they opened Harvesters Orphanage and Christian School in a place ranked worst in the world for women and children's well-being. Together, in the midst of a civil war, they battle chronic malnutrition, poor schooling, cancer, malaria, and poverty. Adventures Under the Mango Tree is Lillian's journal of touching stories with heartwarming photographs of the precious orphans they help, the dedicated people who love them, and the often life-threatening struggles they face together.
 All proceeds from the sale of this book go to serve orphans in South Sudan.
 To learn more visit: www.hrtn.org

Lillian Klepp grew up in a troubled family in Wisconsin. Married at 18, she was on the road to a self-destructive life when she gave her heart to Jesus in 1980. He changed everything! In 2001, after faithfully serving many years in their local church and raising two sons, Lilly and her husband, Dennis, founded Harvesters Reaching the Nations and moved to South Sudan to serve orphans.

Its hard to rate a book like this really. How do you possibly give it any less than 5 stars. Its a story that is about two of the most selfless people there are. They sell everything, pack up and go to a foreign country they have only just visited to start an orphanage. Very brave indeed!
This doesn't really read like a story, its more like a diary or an account of their beginnings. It is a short, quick but a very interesting one that is both VERY inspiring and uplifting. It really makes you look at your own life and ask "Am I really doing enough? Am I doing anything at all?"
There are several short "miracle stories" that will really touch your heart, a couple even brought tears to my eyes. There are also lots of nice pictures, many before and after pictures of the orphans. Some will break your heart.
It is truly a wonderful thing all these people are doing!

On a lighter note - one part of this I could really relate to -
    "One night she and I were sitting in a room when bats started flying around us. Ityia immediately hit the floor and crawled under the table, while I screamed and tried to hit the bats as they flew over my head. The guards nearby heard our screams and came running. Despite the fact that they were drunk at the time, they attempted to help us by grabbing pieces of bamboo and swatting at the bats. But it was apparent to me that there was no way the guards were going to successfully hit the bats, so I opened the door, and the bats finally flew out. Thank God!
    Since mango trees surrounded our campus, and since bats love mango trees, they seemed to be everywhere, crawling on the couch, floor, and walls. This was not one of the adventures I was expecting in Sudan."
~ My husband and I own a cabin in the Adirondacks. On one of our trips up there, while in bed I kept hearing a fftt fftt fftt. I couldn't figure out what it was, I thought it was a mouse. I turned on the light and there was a bat flying, very low, just over our heads!  I covered up my head with the sheet and screamed to wake my husband "There's a bat in here! There's a bat in here!" He woke up and said "What do you want me to do about it?" - men! I said "I want you to get it out of here!!!!" all said with the sheet still over my head. He got up and opened the window and went back to sleep - men! The bat finally did fly out, but I got no sleep that night!

This is definitely a book that is worth your time and money! Remember -
All proceeds from the sale of this book go to serve orphans in South Sudan.

Thank you "The Barnabas Agency" for sending me this book for my honest review!

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  1. What amazing people! They are indeed selfless! I can't begin to imagine the courage it took and all the trial these two went through.

    This sounds like a very inspiring book. I have a feeling I might need a box of tissues with this one too.

  2. Great review! Bats don't like them but they do eat a lot of insects OUTSIDE. I also remember growing up in a 200 yr old house there was bats that would get inside and my mother would come in my bedroom and tell me to cover my head while she would chase the bat with a broom or a fly swatter. The broom worked better.