"After The End" read-along!

Its here, Its here! The After the End RAL is finally here!
So grab your book, your e-reader, your iPad, whatever you have it on and start reading!
The book has 60 chapters, So I will break it down into three groups of 20 chapters.

I have decided to do the discussions right here on my blog. 
So I will post some thought questions that you can comment on, also please comment on each other's comments.

*On Aug. 2  - We will talk about starting the book, how excited are you, have you ever read anything like this before etc.
*On Aug. 10th - I will start the discussion for the first 20 chapters.
*On the Aug. 20th - We will discuss chapters 20 - 40.
*Then on the Aug. 27th - We will do the wrap up discussion. - how we liked the book, favorite characters, how it affected us, etc.

Between Aug. 27 - 31 please post your review and wrap-up post, please link this back to my blog.
We should all visit each other's reviews and comment.

Now I am not saying that you have to read that slow and only read 20 chapters at a time (Jen! LOL), please feel free to read at your own pace. Just remember to only comment on the chapters specified so there will be no spoilers.

To qualify for the gift card giveaway, you must -
Be signed in to join - sign up HERE
You must also participate in the discussions.
Thats it! At the end - on Aug. 31st I will pick a random winner for the participants.


  1. Woo Hoo! It has started!!!

    FYI, I might not participate much on August 10th since I'll be in Kansas for dance boot camp. I'll try to jump in as much as I can though.

    1. Oh cool!
      Well maybe you can even come a day or two late and just comment then :-)

  2. Hey now, no need for calling me out! Lmao!


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