Elective Procedures by Merry Jones

5 Stars!

Elle Harrison has taken a leave of absence to mourn the death of her husband Charlie.

Her friend Becky takes her out to dinner to cheer her up and, on impulse, drags her into a fortune teller's shop. The fortune teller predicts that Elle will travel and meet a new man. She also says that Elle is surrounded by a dark aura that draws the dead to her.

Elle dismissed the predictions as hogwash. But then her friend Jen takes her, Becky and another friend, Susan, to Mexico where she is getting lost cost cosmetic surgery. Elle is attracted to and asked out by Jen's surgeon, Alain DuBois. And Elle finds a woman hanging onto the balcony next to hers by her fingertips. Elle tries to save her and fails, almost dying in the process.

All of the fortune teller's predictions have come true. And, as the week progresses, more of Alain DuBois' patients are gruesomely killed, Jen is attacked, Elle is nearly murdered, and the spirit of her dead husband Charlie keeps appearing to her.

Who is trying to kill Dr. DuBois' patients--And why? Who is trying to murder Elle? Why does she keep seeing Charlie--Is she nuts? Or is his spirit really trying to protect her?

ELECTIVE PROCEDURES makes a week in Mexico into a chilling page turner, full of twists and unexpected developments, as well as a face lift or two.

Merry Jones has written the Elle Harrison suspense novels (THE TROUBLE WITH CHARLIE, ELECTIVE PROCEDURES), the Harper Jennings thrillers (SUMMER SESSION, BEHIND THE WALLS, WINTER BREAK, OUTSIDE EDEN, and this fall, IN THE WOODS), the Zoe Hays mysteries (THE NANNY MURDERS, THE RIVER KILLINGS, DEADLY NEIGHBORS, THE BORROWED AND BLUE MURDERS). She has also written humor (including I LOVE HIM, BUT...) and non-fiction (including BIRTHMOTHERS: Women who relinquished babies for adoption tell their stories). Jones taught college creative writing for fifteen years. Her work has been translated into seven languages, and appeared in many magazines, including GLAMOUR. She is a member of Mystery Writers of America, The Authors Guild, International Thriller Writers, and The Philadelphia Liars Club. The mother of two grown daughters, she lives outside Philadelphia with her husband.

Another great one by Merry Jones! I had read "The Trouble With Charlie" about a year ago and loved it. So I was really looking forward to trying another one by this author. I was not disappointed - I'm a fan! This was a book two to the first "Charlie" book, using the same quirky characters. And same mystery/chick-lit style which I love.

This book is fun, quirky, interesting and suspenseful all the way through. I loved the characters in this book. Elle the main character who spaces out and keeps seeing her dead husband, and her friends Susan - the "mother", Jen, swearing sarcastic rude but hilarious, and Becky a bit naive and desperately wanting to fall in love. A great group of friends, I loved them all for different reasons. Their personalities stayed true through the whole book. It was this great cast that really made the book for me.

There is some controversial matter in here concerning plastic surgery which made it very interesting. The mystery kept me guessing all the way! I did have one thing figured out but the rest was all surprise! There was a twist around every corner. The beginning of the book had to have been the most suspenseful, tense beginning I have ever read! Starts you right off with a bang, and is fantastic all the way to the great ending.

This was a great, fun mystery. You do not have to read the first book, this can be read as a stand alone. I can't wait to read another one by Merry Jones.

Thank you "Partners in Crime book tours" for sending me this book for my honest review!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this 2nd in series mystery. Looks like it should be on my TBR stack!

  2. Thanks for introducing ELECTIVE PROCEDURES to your readers!


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