Fun Friday Foto!

This past week on garbage day I decided it was time to do away with my hanging flower baskets. They were getting kinda ratty looking and I am trying to sell my house!
After carrying them down to the curb, I turned and realized one had left a trail of flowers all the way down the sidewalk to the garbage! I thought "How romantic!".

I took this picture then thought "What a great book cover!"

Here are some possible titles I came up with -
"My Romance Went Out With the Garbage"
"My Trashy Love Life"
"How To Date a Garbageman in Ten Days"

Can you come up with some more?


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  1. Love your titles! Here are mine...
    Walk of Trash
    Sidewalk ends here
    Stepping Toward The Trash

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

  2. Ha! Oh my gosh Melanie, I love those!

  3. My flowery road to the garbage.

  4. Lol love the titles!

    Here are mine:
    Fallen petals: A Guide to Taking the Trash Out
    Beauty and the Garbage Man
    Love Thy Garbage Man
    How My Love Went to the Dumps

  5. Haha all those are hilarious!
    Thanks for joining in the fun!

    1. I especially love Beauty and the Garbageman!
      I can see it now...
      It could even be a TV series!


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