Nantucket Sisters - Nancy Thayer

5+ Stars!

When they meet as girls on a beach in Nantucket, Maggie Drew and Emma Hudson become fast friends—though Emma’s well-heeled mother would prefer that she associate with the upscale daughters of bankers and statesmen rather than the child of a local seamstress. But the two lively, imaginative girls nevertheless spend many golden summers together building castles in the sand, creating magical worlds of their own, and forging grand plans for their future.

Even as Emma falls for Maggie’s brother, Ben, and the young women’s paths diverge, the duo remain close friends. Then the unthinkable happens: a lifelong friendship is pushed to its breaking point with the appearance of the handsome, charismatic, charming, and incredibly sexy Wall Street trader Cameron Chadwick—upending both of their lives.

Struggling with the difficult choices they have made and the secrets they have kept, Maggie and Emma find the road to love and fulfillment is full of bumps and twists, as well as entirely unexpected and quite wonderful turns of the heart. They also learn that while true love may be rare, a true friendship is rarer still.

Nancy Thayer is the author of twenty-three novels, including Summer House, The Hot Flash Club, Beachcombers, Heat Wave, Summer Breeze, and Island Girls.
Nancy Thayer has a B.A. and M.A. in English literature from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. She was a Fellow at the Breadloaf Writers’ Conference. She has lived on Nantucket Island year-round for twenty-eight years with her husband Charley Walters. Her daughter is the novelist Samantha Wilde.

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This is a wonderfully beautiful romantic story! This got very mixed reviews from Amazon (mostly 4s &5s but a few 3s, 2s, and even 1s) but this book was PERFECT for me! This is just the kind of book I love!

Ho-ly crap this book is full of little surprises and a lot of suspense for a romance beach read!
This is a story about deep, long lasting friendship, two girls, best friends. One lives on the island, one a summer vacation resident. This is the story of their lives growing up - summer loves and loves lost, growing apart and growing closer, how things change and how they stay the same. And does money really matter - having a lot of it, or the lack of it?

This starts out almost like a sweet little fairytale, everything going just right, as sweet as sugar pie. 
Then... Whoa! the sweet fairytale goes very wrong, I totally didn't see that one coming!

I really don't know why but this kind of reminded me of "Sisterhood Of the Traveling Pants" - it just had that feel to me. 
This book is paced really well. There are some jumps in time - 4 yrs, 6 yrs. 4 yrs, but you don't feel it. You just flow along with it. I thought the time span was done very nicely.

The romance parts were also done very well. There were a few sweet awww moments that really just caught my heart in my throat. There are a few medium sex scenes, but nothing too explicit (and some swearing in a few spots). But mostly just a very sweet romantic story. And - of course a GREAT ending! To be honest I bawled my eyes out through the whole last forth of the book. It wasn't all sad, but I even cried at the happy parts thats how connected I was to the characters. Speaking of  characters - Oh my goodness, the character development was fantastic.

A really wonderful summer romance that will truly warm your heart.
Looking for a great Beach read this summer? Well grab this one and head to the beach!

Thank you "Librarything Early Reviewers" and "Random House Publishing" for sending me this beautiful book for my honest review!

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  1. Thanks! Another book on my TBR list thanks to you...

    1. Oh its really good! I am sure you will love it!

  2. Sounds like a book that would enjoy reading. Great review.

  3. I loved 'Sisterhood of the Travelling pants' so maybe i should get this. not that i need any more books...


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