Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday 
 Top Ten Favorite TV Shows & Movies
Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly theme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Well I LOVE Movies and I LOVE TV so this one is right up my alley! 

My top 10 movies (the first one is my FAV. the rest are not in any order)
1. Dances With Wolves (all-time Fav!!!!!)
2. Sweet Home Alabama
3. Sleepless in Seattle
4. Message in a Bottle - :'(  supper sad!
5. Practical Magic - LOOOOVE!
6. Gone With the Wind
7. Road House with Patrick Swayze  :'(
8. Twister!
9. Legally Blonde
10. The Lake House (with The Premonition a very close 11th)
Hmm there are probably other but thats what I can do for now.

TV is another story, it totally depends on the time of year because they show diff shows at different times.

Soooo, here are my fav shows right now! -
1, Misstresses
2. Devious Maids
3. Under the Dome
4. So you Think you Can Dance
5. Orange is the New Black (just finished the second season!)

My fav TV shows during the fall reg. season -
1. Revolution
2. The Good Wife! (prob my all time Fav.)
3. The Amaz Race & Survivor (and yes I CAN lump them together)
4. Castle
5. Believe
6. Chicago Fire! - Yes, lets hear it for the eye candy!
7. Parenthood
8. When Calls the Heart
9. Hart of Dixie
10. Ceder Cove

There are other shows I watch but I wouldn't consider them favorites.

Show that I am looking most forward to in the fall -
Red Band Society
 So there you have it.
Do you watch and or love any of these shows or movies? 


  1. Anything with Reese Witherspoon in it is good.
    We started watching Orange is the New Black.
    Revolution, The Following, The Last Ship, The 100, Chicago Fire, Justified, He'll on Wheels just to name a few!

    1. Yes, I totally agree about Reese!

      Good list :-)

  2. Good movies! I'm surprised You've got mail isn't on there. Maybe you just don't have mail :-P

    I'm not sure what my top 10 would be. Although my top ten and top ten most watched would probably be totally different lists.

    1. I do love You've got mail, but I could only pick 10. It's so hard!

  3. I'll have to start watching Castle when it comes back on. I think I've seen enough of the reruns to get the gist. And a coworker told me about last seasons finale.

  4. Let's see, what else.

    Oh! SYTYCD, I've been watching this season far but I may end up quitting. The last couple shows haven't impressed me. :-/

    1. Oh really I have loved the last couple shows!

    2. I ended up Ff'ing through some routines. :-/

    3. Oh I always record and watch later! I do ff through some but I thought some of them were really good!

  5. Fun lists today. I love Dances With Wolves too, AND I never miss Castle. Thanks for stopping by. Kelley at the road goes ever ever on

  6. I watched 'So you Think you Can Dance' a couple of times. I like your blog header and that cute pink mug.
    Kero @ Kero's Book Blog

  7. I love the movie "Sweet Home Alabama". :)

  8. Great picks! You've got some of my favourites on the list - Sweet Home Alabama, such a nice movie, Sleepless in Seattle, Practical Magic, Road House. I haven't watched many of the series, though, but I want to.

  9. I don't know most of these except Castle. I love Castle so much!


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