Cape Maybe - Carol Fragale Brill

5 Stars!

Sometimes the toughest journey is the one that takes you back to your roots. For Katie, navigating life and love is trickier than walking barefoot on a beach full of broken shells. Maybe Katie will break the family cycle of alcoholism. Maybe she won’t. Set against the backdrop of picturesque, seaside Cape May, Cape Maybe traces the push and pull of Katie’s conflicting love for her erratic mother and steadfast grandfather and her ever-growing attraction to her best friend, Dennis. Katie’s life is shaped by her vow to be nothing like her alcoholic mother. Her reckless teenage choices test the strength of family ties, friendship, and first love. Ultimately about hard-earned hope, what we inherit, and what we choose to let go, in Cape Maybe, Katie discovers what she never expected about motherhood, forgiving yourself, and creating your own second chances.

 Carol Fragale Brill is the author of two novels, CAPE MAYBE and PEACE BY PIECE. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Her fiction has been recognized by Poets and Writers and Philadelphia Stories and has been published in Wide Array, Philadelphia Stories, and The Press of Atlantic She writes book reviews for New York Journal of Books. 

What a powerful book this is! I liked it right from the start. It was up and down and up and down all through the book, just pulling at your heartstrings the whole time. But I held out, I didn't shed a tear until the very last page.
Some people might think the ending was abrupt or maybe a non-ending, but I actually thought it was perfect! Yes, me, queen of having the perfect ending. In this case you don't need to know more, you only need to know that one thing. I felt satisfied.

Excellent character development. Katie stole my heart. I basically felt like I grew up with Katie. The book starts out with her being only eleven and stays that way for about half the book. Then when she started growing up I thought maybe I wasn't going to like the grown-up Katie as much, but I did!!! 

Boy this is one of those books that just gets into your bloodstream! I don't think this is one I will forget for a while. I think Carol Fragale Brill is going to be one of my favorite authors! She is definitely one of those authors I will read more of. Can't wait for the next one.

Thank you Carol for sending me an e-book copy for my honest review!

Get your copy from Amazon - HERE and for 2.99 you should definitely be buying this book!

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  1. Wendy, I'm thrilled that you loved Katie and Cape Maybe. Thank you for your wonderful review.