ITS A NON-FICTION SATURDAY! Fire and Smoke: A Pitmaster's Secrets - Chris Lilly

5 Stars!

World champion pitmaster Chris Lilly combines the speed of grilling with the smoky flavors of low-and-slow barbecue for great meals any night of the week, no fancy equipment required. Cook trout in a cast-iron skillet nestled right in smoldering coals for a crispy yet tender and flaky finish. Roast chicken halves in a pan on a hot grill, charring the skin while capturing every bit of delicious juice. Infuse delicious smoke flavors into fruits and vegetables, even cocktails and desserts. Fire and Smoke gives you 100 great reasons to fire up your grill or smoker tonight.

CHRIS LILLY is vice president, executive chef, and partner of Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q. The Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Competition Cooking Team has won more than ten World BBQ titles in pork, chicken, ribs, and beef, and four World Grand Championships at “Memphis in May.” Lilly is married to the great-granddaughter of BBQ legend Big Bob Gibson and is the author of Big Bob Gibson's BBQ Book. 

I do not like to cook, but I love to grill! This book is excellent!
There is a very wide variety of recipes - from chicken, seafood, beef, pork, veggies, to even drinks.
There are gorgeous - cause come on who are we kidding? The pictures are the most important part of a cookbook! Am I right.?

Every recipe is clear and very well written, easy to follow. And usually with ingredients that you have at home, so very little shopping involved. There is even a section that explains the different types of grills and smokers. And... at the end, there is a section for what to make out of your leftovers! Now that is unique!

Here is a few pictures and a couple recipes for you -

 And my favorite! - the BBQ Bloody Mary!!!!!

This book is great, fun to look at, make plans for meals and summer parties. This is really one of those book you really have to see in person to appreciate.

Thank you "Blogging For Books for sending me this awesome book for my honest review!

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