This weekend was the start of Football. Woot woot!

You all know I love football and am a huge Steelers fan! I will be so happy when we move to PA, I will finally be able to watch all the games instead of just 3 or 4 a season. Living in NY they show all the NY games so I have missed out on a lot. I warned my hubby (who is not a fan of football, sheesh!) that I WILL be watching all the games!

Sunday was the first Steelers game against the Brown. Steelers dominated the whole first half. Then it got scary as the Browns caught up putting it in a tie! Then in the last 5 seconds of the game - the Steelers scored a field goal! Final score - 30 - 27.

My favorite part of the game? When Antonio Brown used the Browns punter as a stepping stool! They say he kicked him, but I seriously think he was just trying to step over him and used his shoulder as a lift off! Anyway - it was awesome! Even if you don't watch football you need to watch this.

I went to the daughter's house to watch the game with her (she is also a Steelers fan - I raised her right!)
Here are some pics of the game day -

Us -
The daughter -
The food! -
It was a fun day, always more fun watching with her. And of course its so much better when they win!


  1. That second half. Geeeesh!! I definitely am one of the ones that thinks he kicked him on purpose. I think he tried to leap over him and when that didn't work, he kicked out. My hubby was laughing for an hour it seemed. :)

    What a crazy game. Drove me nutters. I'd rather have a blow out than a close game. Awesome that you all got together! Between all my moves I only have a generic shirt and a beanie left of my Steeler stuff. I told hubby I need a towel again!! I don't even know how I lost the last ones I had. :/

    Hopefully next week will be an easier win. Will be watching again! I just hope we get the Steelers/Bucs game (doubtful) as the Bucs are hubbys team, and we are going to cremate them. :)

    Glad you all had a great time!!

    1. Yes Ashley and I were both very nervous!

      We play the Ravens on Thur night. We will be watching.
      Hate the Ravens - hate hate hate!

  2. Cute!

    Your daughter looks like she's lost weight and you look so young with your shorter hair. You go girls!


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