Law of Attraction - Darlene Fredette

4 Stars

Lawyer Christina Crawford has a successful career and stable financial future, but is it enough? Her world is disrupted when a routine divorce case means working with a man she never expected—or wanted—to see again. During their first meeting, she can't deny a connection still exists. Her head warns her to run, but her heart yearns to stay.

Steven Mitchell is ruthless in the courtroom, but outside those doors, his easy charm, good looks, and unlimited stream of female companions gives him an unscrupulous reputation. Six years ago, Christina saw beyond his fa├žade, but the emotions she evoked scared him and he pushed her away. Now he wants a second chance and he is determined to get her back...even if he has to play dirty.
An avid reader since childhood, Darlene loved to put a pencil to paper and plot out stories of her own. Following a path in administration, she excelled in the art of editing and design, which led to a successful career as Director of Administration and Marketing. 
Darlene's writing is a combination of heartwarming romance and plot-driven page-turners. Her favorite things to do with her family (husband, daughter, and Yellow Lab) are BBQs, sitting by the fire-pit on a beautiful summer's night, visits to the Valley, and just hanging out together.
Residing in Nova Scotia, she can usually be found in her home office with the family dog by her side, or in her comfy chair in the living room immersed in a good book...with her dog still by her side.
Super cute, quick read. I am a huge fan of TVs "The Good Wife" I love anything that has to do with the court room and lawyers (guess I missed my calling). This book satisfied my need for that courtroom drama and romance! This is not a hard-core, edgy, serious book. It is light and fun. This is the classic story of misunderstandings, but there are a few twists to keep it new and fresh.
Great characters that seem real enough  you feel like you know them.
Definitely a good one to pick up.

Thanks to the author - Darlene Fredette, for giving me this e-book for my honest review!

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  1. Thank you for reading Law of Attraction. Your review made my day!