Fun Friday!

Its been a while since my last Fun Friday. We are getting settled into our new PA home nicely. We had the closing on our NY house about a week ago. So that's all done! Yay!
There is so much to do when moving - especially when moving to a new state - especially when buying a new home!
We just bought a nice shelving unit for the downstairs for the hubby to keep his stuff in, its huge!
And we just ordered a futon for the "Steelers room", I need to order a black cover for it. And I will take my rocker cushions in to have new black ones made (the old ones are about 24 yrs old, so about time!).
We also bought a big humidifier for the downstairs because we have a wood pellet stove. And when I say "downstairs" I mean the fully finished walk-out basement. Its hardly a basement, it really looks like the downstairs of a house.

The most important part - I have all my books unpacked.
 And these are all the books I am getting rid of!

I posted a bunch of new pictures on  my other blog - HERE


  1. I have three bookcases too and will be moving in a few months so it was good to see your pictures.

    1. I did have 4 in our old house so I have cut back a lot!