The Indian Shirt Story - Heather Lockman

3.5 Stars

When she’s not slinging beer in her husband’s pub, Bess Reynolds runs the Starkett House Museum, a pioneer-era landmark in a free-thinking, left-leaning Northwest town. In addition to the old homestead's antiques and heirlooms, Bess must deal with another relic—ninety-year old Lucille Starkett, who refuses to stop telling visitors an offensive family tale.

Unexpectedly, Nashville comes to town. Country music superstar—and avid angler—Duane Hasker rents the museum for a video shoot, and he doesn’t arrive alone. Hundreds of diehard country fans stake their claim on the sidewalk outside, squabbling with protesters fired up over Duane’s "cruelty to fish." Bess tries to keep things professional but the King of Country Music is enough to turn any woman’s head—even that of Miss Lucille, whom Duane Hasker likes instantly. Neither Bess nor the town of Port Heron will ever be the same.

Heather Lockman, born and raised in Seattle, is a fourth-generation Northwesterner. Her essays and articles have appeared in a variety of national publications including American Heritage, Historic Preservation,and Architectural Digest. She lives in a restored Craftsman bungalow near Puget Sound with her blues-guitar-playing husband and an exasperating dog named Woody. She cooks at the local soup kitchen, conducts tours of the Washington State Governor's Mansion, and listens to country music. Mostly, though, she writes.

I love historical fiction, especially when its written well. I loved the historical parts of this story, they were my favorite parts. I don't get to read too many books about Native Americans. This story did feel authentic to me. I could tell the author did her homework.
While it was enjoyable and interesting my problem was that is was very slow in spots and seemed really long. It was 402 pages, so longish but it felt longer than that. One reviewer said "you get hooked quickly" but I never seemed to get hooked.
All-in-all, for me this was an OK read, interesting but slow.
I would say it is worth the read especially if you enjoy historical fiction.
I would like to try another one by this author sometime, she does seem like a good writer.

Thanks to the author - Heather Lockman for sending me this e-book for my honest review.

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