Christmas at Come-alive Cottage - Wendy Unsworth - GIVEAWAY!

5 Stars!

On Christmas Eve, Aunt Kitty has a special wish-come-true spell to make for Kellie. But when a whole glass of her greenish, orangish, purplish, brownish, reddish, yellowish spell-mixture is accidentally spilled into the pot, everything starts to go wrong! Can Aunt kitty put everything right in time for Christmas Day? 

Wendy Unsworth was born and raised in Lincolnshire, England; her passions are her family, travel, beautiful gardens and reading and writing stories. Wendy lived in Ndola, Zambia and Nairobi, Kenya throughout the 1980's and early '90's before returning to the U.K. to acclimatise back to the English weather in a Cornish cottage close to Bodmin Moor! The African continent has left a lasting impression; The Palaver Tree, her first novel in the Berriwood series is set in a fictional Central African country and Cornwall. At present Wendy is working on the second Berriwood novel, Beneathwood, re-introducing cameo characters from The Palaver Tree and telling their own individual story. Wendy also enjoys writing for children. The Come-alive Cottage series features Kellie Culpepper, her madcap family and plenty of magic! Kellie at Come-alive Cottage (Book 1) Danger at Come-alive Cottage (Book 2) Catastrophe at Come-alive Cottage (Book 3).

This is the third one for me (I will be reviewing Catastrophe at Come-alive Cottage - Book 3in Jan. due to my Christmas theme) and I think was my favorite one so far! These books are so cute, even for me as an adult. I can't imagine what a child would think of them. They are so full of magical fun, great characters, and adorable drawings. And this one with the Christmas theme was just plain wonderful. I can't wait to read them out loud to my future grandchildren someday!
"It circled and swooped and then it caught her silent wish (which looked greenish and yellowish with a few red spots and was just about the size of a hope and a little bit smaller than a dream) and shot up high into the night with it." - I just loved this description!

"A wish can be round or square or heart shaped but it is always very plump because it is almost bursting with impatience to break out and come true." - this put a smile on my face.
 Thank you so much Wendy for sending me this Magical Christmas book for my honest review!

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Wendy Unsworth has a copy of her book to one winner.
The winner will get their choice - of either getting an unsigned copy of the book right away, or getting a signed copy sometime after Christmas.
Winner will be chosen on 12/16

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring Christmas at Come-alive Cottage and may all your Christmas wishes come true!