Christmas Movie Review


 2 Stars  :-(

Christmas Eve—one of the most magical nights of the year. Family, friends, peace on Earth, goodwill to all…but not at the Blakemore's! This Christmas Eve, everything that CAN go wrong DOES go wrong!
The riotous race to ruin starts when Cesar Cortez (Carlos Gomez) tries to drop off a puppy at the Blakemore's front door. His heart's in the right place, but his foot isn't. He trips and falls. Nell (Anne Heche) and her two young kids take Cesar to the hospital, where, in no particular order, newly-separated Nell meets a dreamy doc (Brian Tee), Nell's 11-year-old son and the puppy fall down a hole in a construction zone, a new-on-the-job security guard (Kevin Daniels) has their car towed, and a nasty nurse harasses them all. Later, for good measure, they get car-jacked.
As the tow-truck driver says, “This is a big, unlucky day for you all.”
Nell had wanted this Christmas Eve to be the best ever. It isn't. But it's certainly memorable! And valuable lessons are learned. As Nell says, “The greatest gifts are the people in our lives. The family we are born into, and the family we choose. The best gift of all is love.”
I was mainly disappointed because it had some really great people in it... Oh well!

Lame, lame, lame! Sorry this was just not the movie for me. It was kinda cute at times, but left me feeling totally unsatisfied. I think it might be a good movie to watch with the kids but as an adult it was just too silly to me and very overdone! You got to a point where you think alright enough already!
4.5 Stars!

Fireman Zachary Stone (Routh) is a confirmed bachelor who doesn’t believe in love or commitment. When a stray tabby cat named Ambrose shows up at his door, Zachary takes him in and slowly starts to see that a little companionship might not be so bad after all. Zachary’s commitment to solitude is further challenged when he meets Marilee (Sustad), an animal lover and veterinary student who teaches Zachary how to care for his new feline roommate. Chemistry immediately develops between the two, but will they find a way together despite themselves?

Cute, cute, CUTE! Any movie that has a hot fireman and cats is OK with me!  Now this was a sweet movie. I loved the characters, I loved the interaction. There was a great storyline with a nice little romance. This was taken from the book by Sheila Roberts (whom I like!). I have not read the book so I don't know if it follows it exactly.

This is my first post for the Christmas Challenge -
I chose to read 5-6 book and a few movies.


  1. I completely agree with both reviews!

    Lame lame lame *thumbs down*
    Cute fire fighter dude *thumbs up*

  2. Keep the movie reviews coming!!