Friday Top Five!

Top 5 things you look most forward to at Christmas time! -
1. Christmas music
2. Family get togethers
3. Reading Christmas books
4. Watching Christmas movies
5. Lights, the hubby and I drive around a few times and look at all the lights. The new city we live in really decorates for Christmas. There is a big park in the middle of town that is all lit up, its beautiful.

What's yours?

Don't forget - starting in Jan. -
For the year 2015 I am going to change it up a bit. I am taking a break from my usual "Fun Friday" and will start doing "Friday Top Five". Every Friday I will list a top 5, every week will be different. Some will be funny and some more serious. Some will be about books and some just about life. I will list my top 5 and you are asked to list yours.

Every month I will give away an Amazon "cheap" e-book of your choice (between .99 - 1.99) to one winner, I will "gift it to you" via Amazon. Every time you do a top 5 list in the comments you get one entry. So every month, if you do all of them you could get 4-5 chances to win. And for the year - that's 12 months of winning.
Then at the end of the year I will randomly choose from all the people who commented with their top 5 at any time - one winner to win a $25.00 Amazon virtual GC.


  1. I like it all. Although I do look forward to a Christmas where hubby doesn't work so much. I think I'll enjoy everything more then.

    1. Awww My hubby might actually have to work on Christmas day! We don't know yet. We are hoping he will have it off. And it will be a quiet day with just the two of us. Then the daughter and hubby come the next day for the weekend.

  2. We need some driving around and looking at lights. : )

    I love...
    peppermint bark
    twinkling lights
    the giving spirit
    the family time

  3. 1. Christmas Music
    2. Christmas Movies
    3. Presents
    4. Christmas Books
    5. Decorating for Christmas

  4. 1. Family and sharing all the good things with loved ones
    2. Planning and giving presents
    3.going that extra mile to prepare Christmas food - even if it doesn't always turn out quite the way I expected!
    4. Having contact with distant friends
    5. A few good books!