Happy December!

I had a great Thanksgiving!
I said good-bye to all the visiting relatives :-(
Getting the house back in order.

This is the daughter helping to stuff the turkey and not too happy about it! LOL
 The Thanksgiving feast!

I just realized I caught everyone with their mouths open! Hahaha oppsies

Thinking about decorating for Christmas. 
I have just started playing Christmas music.
And I will start my all Christmas reading for the month.
I do have a couple of reviews to catch up on from Nov. though.

How are you all doing? Did you have a great Thanksgiving too (if you celebrate)?
And where are you at as far as the Holiday season?

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  1. Yay! Fun pics. I have an auntie that's special skill is catching everyone open mouthed at Thanksgiving. LOL

    I'm doing good. Tree is up and cards went out. I'm trying to stay on top of things since December is crazy for us with travel, Christmas, and my daughter's birthday.