Yay books!

I received a box of books from my friend Jen - @Random, not for Christmas, just for because!
First of all there are a lot of great books in here! I am so excited!

Last night I started looking at all the books and I did not realize when she was telling me about them just how many of them have either Juliet or Julia in the title!!!

What are the chances that 4 of the books have similar names in the title!

PS&BTW - Thanks Jen!!!!!!  :-)


  1. Isn't it great to get a whole box of books!! Enjoy! I have to say when I saw this box, I kept thinking how crazy expensive it would have been for us in Canada to send this by mail - not sure if you got it by mail or hand delivered, but you are so lucky.

  2. I have read 'Juliet' and didn't like is as much as I had hoped. It was still a great book, though and definitely interesting!