Friday Top Five - Contest

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Top 5 favorite office/desk supplies!

1. Sticky notes! (or post-it notes) I love these and have them all over my desk.

2. Pens, pretty, colorful, lots of pretty pens. These are my newest beauties!

3. Scissors, I don't think anyone has as many pair as I do. I have several in every room of the house! Of course this is just a very small sample.

4. Pads of paper, I have dozens in all sizes and all colors, again just a small sample.

5. the little alligator clip thingys, I use them for everything - my checkbook, my book review calender, holding mail together, I love them. Did you even know these existed? You're gonna go get some aren't you?

Tell me yours and you be entered to win!


  1. pencils
    writing tablets
    sticky notes

  2. Now this is my kind of top 5 list! Lurv me some office supplies!

    I love...
    -pretty journals that I end up never writing in...because they're pretty.
    -pens, pens, and more pens!!!!
    -my latest thing is page protectors but that's just because I'm in an ongoing project with making my own recipe books
    -did I mention pens? Yeah? Ok thennnn...pretty colored pens!
    -post it's

    1. Journals! I have a few of those too! Yeah they are pretty and irresistible.

  3. Ps, what's your scissor count up to these days? 62? ;)

    1. You know, I have never actually counted. I should do that sometime!

  4. Gotta have my pens, pencils, scissors, stapler and picture of grands!

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

  5. Well here it goes.
    Index Cards- (Worked at a library too long) How I keep track of all the books I've read or have.
    Printing Paper-need to keep track of the family trees I'm working on
    Binders-What I put those family trees in. This is backup to whats on the computer.
    Pens and sharpees
    Pictures of family (Grandkids) as decoration

  6. Anything with Hello Kitty, of course :)


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