Friday Top Five (Jan #2)

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Top 5 things you hate about winter!
(even if you live in the south, imagine you live in the north LOL).

1. The Freakin cold!  This past week was really cold got down to 3!
2. Snow and ice! It seems like here in PA they get more ice and less snow than NY.
3. Less daylight - I hate that is gets dark so soon and is dark when I wake up.
4. Not being able to do the things I  love to do outside - gardening, going for walks, use our new pool! and just sitting outside and reading
5. Everything being gray and white and brown :-(  its very depressing, I  love flowers!

What are yours?


  1. I hear ya. I'm trying to be more positive about it all this year. Enjoying all my indoor time. And I'm good till I have to go to the doctor or something. Then I get mega grumpy. LOL

  2. Lol
    I used to love winter but this year I cannot stand the cold!!! I completely feel sorry for you guys who get snow. Brr!!!

    Here's my list-
    1. The cold- we don't use the heater in our house and we have bad insulation. I always find myself in many layers of clothing.

    2. Gaining weight- Ay!!! What's with all the carbs and me eating them?!

    3. Less daylight- sucks that it's already dark when I get off work and I just want to go to bed instead of doing something active.

    4. Being broke- darn the holidays...

    5. Dry skin- the change of weather dries out my skin and it doesn't matter how much moisturizer I put on.

  3. Such a negative nelly! :-P

    I'm rebelling against your Top 5 lol

    Top 5...make that 6 things I love about Winter
    1. The crisp air on a cold day. It's so refreshing. Although I will admit that this week was too cold for me.
    2. Being able to wear scarves and comfy long sleeve shirts every day.
    3. The beauty of a fresh snowfall
    4. Being able to cuddle up with a blanket and warm cup of coffee.
    5. No crazy arse heat and humidity!
    6. Did I mention scarves?!

  4. 7. No massive mosquito bites! Yay!

  5. I love, love your Hello Kitty pad! (Sorry a bit off topic lol). My top 5: 1) It takes me 10 minutes just to get my winter clothes on when I go out (or come back in). 2) they never clean the streets properly so its always a 50/50 change I will end up on my rear. 3) The cold air hurts my face and freezes my glasses to my cheeks (true story) 4) Nobody feels motivated to do anything, except my friends who ski 5) its wayyyyy too long!


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