Friday Top Five!

Welcome to the first official "Friday Top Five!" which means for every post you add in the comments your own top 5 you will get a chance to win an e-book up to 1.99 - every month!

OK, here are the rules -
* Every Friday I will do a Friday Top Five.
* Every month I will be giving away an kindle e-book valued up to 1.99 (of your choice!).
* So that is 4 - 5 Top 5 lists every month
* Everytime you comment with your own list you get a chance at winning that months e-book (of your choosing)
* So every month you could get 4 - 5 chances to win a book of your choice.
* At the end of the month I will look up to see who has commented and how many times to see how many chances you get, I will then choose a winner. I will contact you and ask what book you want then gift it to you.
* And then start all over the next month! I have no limit as to how many times you can win.
* At the end of the year - Dec. 2015 - I will choose one winner from all the people who commented with their top 5 lists - that winner will receive a $25.00 e-card from Amazon!
So here is this week's Friday Top Five -

Top 5 things I plan to do in 2015 -
1. Loose weight! I lost a lot of weight a few years ago but then stayed the same since then. So I really need to work at this!
2. Read more books! I read 117 books in 2014, so I need to read 118 LOL but I will shoot for 130 since that was my goal for last year and didn't make it.
3. Stay connected with my daughter! We are, for the very first time, separated by a state line! She in NY and I in PA. It will take some work and some driving but I know we can do it.
4. Unpack the rest of these boxes!!!!! Ugh, well I have a whole year to do this goal right? LOL
5. Be nicer, be a better mom, be a better wife, be a better friend, be a better person!  We can all use that right?

What are your Top 5 goals for 2015?
If you already posted about this on your blog - send me the link and it will count as an entry.


  1. Hmmm, let me see...

    1. Lose weight - I lost a lot a few years ago and have managed to gain it all back.

    2. Be more patient - that likely speaks for itself. Lol.

    3. Take better care of my health - I have a tendency to let things slide by. I'm going to try and make this the year I fix it all if I can.

    4. Get rid of all the clutter in my house!!!

    5. Stay better connected with my friends - too often I escape into myself and really connecting with all my best buds (like you my friend) helps a lot!

    1. Oh yeah, get rid of clutter - does that include unpacking boxes?

  2. 1. MONEY: Start seriously saving for my retirement. I have pensions and IRA's, but I want to save even more on my own.

    2. SCHOOL: Keep my GPA over 4.0, and earn another honors award. I plan to get my degree by January 2016, so this is my last school year. I won't walk until May 2016, but that's just a bonus.

    3. LIFE: Work harder on my writing. I have to get my sample ready for my MFA sample.

    4. MONEY: Put extra money to the side for graduate school.

    5. HEALTH: Get back to eating healthy and living a more healthy lifestyle. Try to get down to the high end of my normal weight range.

  3. Haven't had a chance to think about this yet, so thanks for the push...errr opportunity.

    1. Of course, lose weight. But more important, I want to work for better health.

    2. Set up a budget. Since I haven't had to do so before, I am going to need to borrow my brother-in-law's books by Dave Ramsey to learn how (I'd buy my own, but wouldn't that defeat the purpose?).

    3. Be more dedicated to my devotional and Bible study.

    4. Return to aqutone class and be more consistant with it.

    5. Think about other people more than I think about myself (or at least before I think about myself - I tend to be selfish).

    OK now that I have some basic goals, I am more motivated to turn these general goals into more specific, do-able steps. Uh oh, now I can't turn it off! I keep coming up with more and more goal-worthy things I want to do! I think I have got a lot to do in 2015.... First, I am going to have to figure out how to turn off this auto correct before I end up going nuts ��.

    Have a wonderful year!

    1. Hey! Thanks for commenting!
      And welcome to the Friday top 5!

  4. Distance is a funny thing. You may find you're even closer than before. *fingers crossed*

  5. 1. Clean up the basement
    2. Kayak more than once this summer
    3. Loose weight
    4. Continue to try new recipes

  6. mine is not really a top five...

    1. do more social things
    2. dance class
    3. read more
    4. keep up with my makeup reviews
    5. time management


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