Tranquility - Laurie Gardiner

4.5 Stars

Tranquility belies its name. Behind the nursing home's serene exterior hides a sinister secret.
Soon after transferring to Tranquility's dementia unit, support worker Sarah Scott suspects a co-worker of abuse. Doing the right thing could mean losing her job, and unemployment is not an option for the young, single mom.

Meanwhile, Sarah questions whether her newest resident, Edie, belongs in the locked unit. The feisty, Scottish woman certainly doesn't act as though she has dementia. Sarah is determined to have Edie released, but her plans are thwarted when Edie risks her own freedom to help find the proof needed to stop the abuse

Laurie grew up on a farm in a small Northern Ontario community in Canada. She left home at seventeen to experience life in the city and now lives in Cambridge, Ontario with her husband of twenty-seven years.

Raising three kids, teaching fitness and operating a home daycare left little time for writing, but she did have some poetry published in various anthologies over the years. In 1997, her short story “Til Death Do Us Part” placed first in the Cambridge Writers Collective anthology.

At the age of forty, Laurie went back to school and began a new career as a personal support worker. Though she ended up working in homecare, it was a placement in the dementia unit of a long-term care facility that inspired her to write her first novel, Tranquility.

Laurie is currently enrolled in the Creative Writing Program through the local community college and is working on her second novel.

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Twitter: @lauriegardiner1
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This book was special to me for a few reasons. When I was in college I did a research paper and speech about "Elder Abuse" which landed me an "A", a job, and a applause from  my instructor! I was offered a job taking care of a wealthy woman with Dementia in her home for a couple years.
Also, my daughter worked in an Independent Living home for those with Alzheimer's and Dementia. She started out working the overnight (just like the woman in the book!)  was on the waiting list for a day position, after a year finally got one! She then was promoted to Activities Asst. Director!
So this book had different meaning to me than it might for others. 

This book was well written and seemed very real. I had heard so many of these stories before from my daughter. So I know this really does happen, none of this is exaggerated. 
The character development is excellent. I felt very close to the characters. The two support workers who try to stop the abuse as well as Edie, a resident are all very brave! I loved Edie, by the way! She was a wonderful woman. 
This story puts you a little on the edge of your seat for a while.

Please do not judge this one by the cover! In my opinion, this was a terrible choice for a cover! It makes it look dark and scary, and its not like that. So those who are looking for a horror book will be dissappointed, and those who don't pick it up because they do think it is horror will be missing out on a great book! I hope the author will re-think this and change the cover.

A big thanks to Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours for sending me this e-book for my honest review!

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting me today. I'm glad Tranquility meant so much to you. It was pulled from my own experiences and written from the heart, so it means a lot to me as well.
    I will take into consideration your opinion on the cover and discuss it with my publisher.
    Thanks again, your review made my day!

  2. My grandma has dementia, and a really strong one. She'll probably end up dying from it, because the doctors say she'll one day forget to breath. Don't feel sorry for me, she's very old, and grandparents are meant to die eventually (:
    It's just a little strange how she doesn't recognize any of us, and how I can't recognize her anymore. I think I should consider reading this book. It sounds like something I'd like.

    - Love, Felicia
    ( http://asillygirlsthoughts.weebly.com/ )

    1. Wow that is rough! I hope you have some good memories with her.

      3 more good books to read are -
      Still Alice - Lisa Genova (amazing book!).
      The Rockin' Chair - Steven Manchester
      Painting Julia - Martha Louise Hunter