Zombie Elementary - Howard Whitehouse

4 Stars

Larry Mullet is your typical fourth grader. He's not the biggest kid or the smartest kid or the best looking kid. He rides his bike, plays baseball, takes the school bus, avoids cafeteria food, and--oh yeah, he's a zombie hunting expert. Larry was just doing his usual thing when Alex Bates from Ms Hoag's class tried to eat him. Sadly, that was only the beginning. Something odd was going on at Brooks Elementary... and it was up to Larry and his friends to take charge (for some reason). Hilariously told interview-style as a record of the REAL story, and peppered with zombie tips and facts, zombie cheerleaders and plenty of gore, this book will be a surefire hit for anyone interested in a ghoulishly good life-or-death comedy.

When people ask what Howard does for a living, he says he's a writer and professional model-maker. His one-man company is called "Brushes with Danger." If pressed, he admits that he design games and is a partner in an outfit called 'Pulp Action Library.' Howard has written such middle grade classics as Bogbrush the Barbarian and the Mad Misadventures series. He lives in upstate New York with his wife, Lori, and some cats. He does all his own stunts. 

This book is freakin adorable... AHEM I mean - its super cool and grotesquely fun and just... freakin adorable! I know this book is meant for the middle school readers - and they will love it! But I loved it too.
This had me giggling out loud on more than a few occasions. The characters were great. There was no lack of action, but it was not so gross that it would scare young minds. I thought it would be perfect for a 5th or 6th grader.
I did think the ending got a little carried away and felt rushed but I think your average pre-teen wouldn't mind and may not even notice.

This book was great fun and I think kids will  love it!

Thanks Librarything Early reviewers for giving me this book for my honest review.

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