Catastrophe at Come Alive Cottage - Wendy Unsworth

5 Stars!

It is Aunt Kitty's birthday and at Come-alive Cottage everyone is ready for a wonderful party. But where is Aunt Kitty? And why is there a huge hole in the fence at Growler's Safari Park? Kellie and her father, Colonel Culpepper, go rushing into the lion's den but can they save Aunt Kitty from

This is the third adventure for Kellie and her family at Come-alive Cottage. Mirabelle the grandma of all cars is there, along with Harriet the baby dragon, Slowly the snail and all the Come-alives! 
Wendy Unsworth was born and raised in Lincolnshire, England; her passions are her family, travel, beautiful gardens and reading and writing stories. Wendy lived in Ndola, Zambia and Nairobi, Kenya throughout the 1980's and early '90's before returning to the U.K. to acclimatise back to the English weather in a Cornish cottage close to Bodmin Moor! The African continent has left a lasting impression; The Palaver Tree, her first novel in the Berriwood series is set in a fictional Central African country and Cornwall. At present Wendy is working on the second Berriwood novel, Beneathwood, re-introducing cameo characters from The Palaver Tree and telling their own individual story. Wendy also very much enjoys writing for children. Kellie at Come-alive Cottage is a fun, read-aloud story introducing Kellie Culpepper and her very unusual family who include explorers, a very silly aunt and a witch that can't stop turning into a cat! In book 2 - Danger at Come-alive Cottage, Kellie is called to the rescue when Come-alive Cottage is suddenly in danger from a fire-breathing dragon! Catastrophe at Come-alive cottage is the latest adventure in the series. 

As always - cute cute cute! Since this one was all about Aunt Kitty (my favorite character) there was lots of magic because she is a witch (although not a very good one). There is adventure and crazy magic on every page. This whole series of books are certainly entertaining and young kids especially girls would love them! They can be used as read-aloud books maybe at bedtime or great learn to read books as well. I tried to picture myself being a young girl reading them - and I found it very fun to read, not a dull moment. Get the whole series for someone special!

Thanks to Wendy Unsworth for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review - always a pleasure!

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